What To Do When a Rooster Attacks You?

Let’s face it: not all chickens are tamed and raising them is not completely safe.

Many chicken owners out there have already been attacked by at least one of their chickens or roosters.

These chickens, no matter how tamed they are, can still become aggressive and attack people for many reasons.

Their attacks can still be quite painful and cause bleeding, so what should you do to counter them? 

Aggression really happens and every chicken, depending on their breed, has their own level of temperament.

When one of your roosters starts displaying aggression, it is important that you immediately display who is more dominant. 

Start by displaying that you are larger and stronger than your rooster, such as raising your arms and flapping them as if they are wings.

Do not show any signs of backing down or running away as it will only be interpreted as surrendering.

In this way, your chicken will begin to respect you as it recognizes you as someone more dominant. 

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What Is It Called When a Rooster Attacks You? 

Rooster attacks actually have some names that you probably are not aware of.

After all, a rooster have different ways of attacking people, and here are some of them: 

1. Flogging 

Flogging happens when a chicken will fly at you and try to hurt you with their wings. 

2. Spurring 

When a rooster tries to jump at you, rake, and attack you, this is called spurring.

3. Chasing 

As the name implies, roosters may also attempt to harm you through chasing.

These chickens will normally chase other chickens and threats they deem to protect the flock it dominates.

3. Aggressive pecking 

Attacking you with its beak can actually be quite painful.

This happens when you get too close to an aggressive rooster. 

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What Causes Roosters To Attack People? 

Roosters are normally unfair fighters.

They will not attack you from the front where you can see them.

Instead, these chickens will sneak behind you or from your side and attack you.

But what are the reasons why a rooster attacks people?

Roosters are protective of their hens.

If you suddenly pick up a hen and it shows unwillingness, your rooster may attack you in an attempt to save and protect the female chicken.

They may also attack people once they perceive humans as threats to their flock, hen, and once they feel in danger.

Can a rooster hurt you? 

Let’s find out  

Can a Rooster Hurt You? 

Roosters attack humans and yes, they can hurt you.

A rooster would normally attack a person through its sharp claws and wings.

Their attacks can cause you injuries, wounds, and even sores that may bleed and can be quite painful. 

Keep in mind that a rooster would normally attack from your side or behind, so you would want to remain vigilant and pay attention to any signs of attacks. 

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How Do You Protect Yourself From a Mean Rooster? 

It is best to keep yourself protected from an aggressive rooster.

If you go out unprotected, there are high chances of you getting harmed and injured from their claws on your legs.

Getting attacked by these mean roosters may cause you blisters, sores, and injuries. 

To avoid it from happening, always wear protective gear whenever you have to go to your chickens and attend to them

Boots and long pants will protect your legs from getting injuries from their beak, wings, and claws. 

How Do You Discipline An Aggressive Rooster? 

Taming an aggressive rooster is quite tricky and requires lots of patience.

Disciplining a rooster is all about displaying dominance.

The trick in taming a mean rooster is to show that you are stronger, bolder, larger, and better in all aspects. 

This may mean confronting them head-on whenever they are showing signs of attacking you.

You might want to appear bigger by raising your arms and flapping them like they are wings.

Chase the rooster if necessary to show that you are bold and are not afraid of them. 

Showing them that you are superior may take a while, but it is the key in disciplining an aggressive rooster.

Once you have proved yourself to be dominant, they will start respecting you and hopefully won’t be aggressive to you 

How Do You Scare a Rooster Away? 

The best way to scare a rooster is to show that they are inferior.

You can chase him out and try to make them avoid eye contact with you.

Showing them that you are mightier will naturally scare these roosters and earn respect from them.

However, you can also scare them away by putting fake predators, like bigger and stronger birds, such as falcons, eagles, and owls. 

Wrapping Up

Roosters can be aggressive sometimes, especially as different breeds have their own level of temperament.

Aggression may start to show once your rooster perceives you as a threat to their flock and to its hen.

Make sure you protect yourself from possible attacks by wearing long pants and boots, so they cannot injure you if they do try to attack you 

To discipline an aggressive chicken, it is best to show that you are dominant by showing that you are bolder, stronger, larger, and that you are superior in all ways. 


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