Do Crows Eat Dead Humans? 

Crows do not have a sensitive diet and are able to eat almost anything.

As long as it is not toxic and the food is generally harmless, crows will be able to consume it with no problems at all

However, there have been some controversies over whether crows can eat dead bodies, specifically dead humans.

Is this true?

Can crows really eat the dead and carcasses in general? 

Most people are not aware of the fact that crows are also carrion eaters.

They are good scavengers and will mostly eat dead bodies if given a chance.

They may also tend to flock around a dead body and start consuming it little by little – starting from the eyeballs then the brain. 

These birds, along with other carrion birds such as ravens and vultures, are attracted to carrions and dead bodies, since they are too sensitive to its smell.

Crows not only eat dead bodies of humans, but also animals if they have an opportunity to eat it. 

Does a Crow Eat a Dead Body? 

Crows are vicious birds and they are opportunistic enough to even feast on dead bodies.

Although it is extremely rare for crows to spot a dead human, once they do, they will start to flock together and consume it. 

After all, they are really attracted to carcasses because they can easily detect it through its smell.

It is comparable as to how sharks and other vicious predators get attracted to the smell of blood of their prey. 

Crows do also have a unique digestive system where they have a stronger and more potent stomach or gastric acid.

This substance allows them to easily destroy disease-causing bacteria present in the corpse, enabling them to consume dead bodies.

Can a Crow Eat a Human? 

Crows do not prey on humans simply because they know that it is risky for them to do so.

However, they are capable of eating human corpses once they spot one.

Though it is something that happens very very rarely, just know that these scavengers will not hesitate to prey on a dead body.

Carcasses and carrions emit odor that piques the interest of carrion scavengers, like crows and vultures.

Once they have discovered a body, regardless if it is already rotting, these crows will most likely call the entire murder to take the opportunity of eating it. 

Still, humans are still stronger and inevitably higher than crows.

So, it is unlikely for crows to kill a human, simply because they cannot. 

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Do Crows Eat Dead Carcasses? 


Crows have a diverse diet that they can even consume dead bodies of other animals.

Note that when we are referring to carrions, it refers to dead animals that have been killed by other means, not because of crows or the same species.

In most cases, carcasses are those who got killed by other predators, hunters, accidents, vehicles, and those who died through natural death.

Once a crow has seen a carcass, it will surely consume it with no hesitation.

So, in other words, crows really eat dead carcasses whatever it is.

Whether it is a dead bird, a deer, a fish, a huge animal, or even a dead insect — crows will take the opportunity to eat them and even to the extent of calling the entire flock to share it. 

Can Crows Smell Death? 

Since long ago and even until now, crows have always been associated with death.

There have been rumors and beliefs about crows having some “certain” connection to it.

So, do crows really smell or detect death? 

The answer is no.

Crows are intelligent species, but they are not omnipotent to even tell the death of an animal or a person.

They do smell the dead, but not death. 

People have always associated these birds with the end of life, simply because they are usually spotted near dead animals.

As mentioned, crows can be found near dead carcasses because they are attracted to its smell as a food.

They only smell the odor of a dead body because they are quite sensitive to it.

Since they have a flexible diet, crows go to carcasses to consume them if it is possible. 

Do Crows Throw Funerals? 

Since crows have amazing intelligence, they are even capable of throwing funerals for their kin.

These funerals usually hold hundreds to even thousands of crows, depending on their number in an area.

It is quite touching to know, yes, but they have funerals not for the purpose of mourning their dead.

Instead, these birds gather together around the dead body of their species to investigate it.

Crows are so amazing that they will try to hold a meeting on that spot, trying to learn the possible cause of its death — all for the reason to avoid that danger. 

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Wrapping Up

Crows’ diet is not only limited to fruits, berries, vegetables, and meat.

They can also eat carcasses and dead bodies without any issues.

These birds have stronger stomach acid that allows them to break down the disease-causing bacteria, allowing them to eat it. 

These birds do eat dead bodies of animals and humans.

In fact, these crows are quite sensitive to the smell of the carrions, allowing them to easily spot and locate the body. 


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