Do Crows Eat Caterpillars?

Many birds love to eat insects, worms and other bugs, such as caterpillars.

In fact, most of their diet consists of insects which can pretty much be found almost anywhere.

This is specifically an advantage for birds that have a wide and diverse diet, such as crows.

But do crows eat caterpillars and prefer it over anything and everything else?

Let’s find out in this article! 

Crows do eat a lot of caterpillars and other insects which is why they are particularly helpful for farmers.

Given how caterpillars are quite abundant in fields and other green areas, crows do not find it difficult to hunt them.

In fact, eating insects has always been a benefit for the birds, since they are a great source of protein.

More than anything, young crows eat a lot more insects and caterpillars amounting to at least one-third more than the intake of adult crows.

Let’s get into more detail in this article

Why Do Crows Eat Caterpillars? 

These black birds are natural scavengers and will happily eat any food they can find.

Of course, since caterpillars are so common and easy to find, it is natural for crows to eat them.

As mentioned, they are not really picky eaters and are more of opportunistic type of birds. 

Crows eat caterpillars simply because it is something that can be eaten and they can easily find them.

Besides, these bugs are also nutritious which also help crows and even other birds maintain their health.

Do Crows Eat Worms? 


Crows do eat worms they can find on the ground.

Most of the worms they eat are mealworms, earthworms, armyworms, and other insects.

Naturally, among these bugs are caterpillars which crows and most other birds consider as favorites. 

In fact, worms, bugs, and other insects are said to be around 10 percent of a crow’s diet during springtime.

This also changes depending on the season which affects the availability of the food.

During summertime where insects and worms are active, crows eat more of them, amounting to at least 15 percent of their diet. 

What Do Crows Eat On The Ground? 

Crows find a lot of food on the ground, particularly seeds and worms.

These birds will try to fly down and forage food on the ground, looking for anything they may eat.

Crows love looking for food to eat on the ground as it is much easier than risking their lives hunting for nests. 

Most of the food that they can find on the ground are worms, like earthworms.

They can also find seeds and grains buried in the dirt.

These birds do not mind digging and patiently looking for any food that they can eat. 

What Insects Do Crows Eat? 

Almost all insects are edible for crows and these birds will not hesitate to eat them once they get the opportunity.

The omnivorous nature of the crows allow them to eat anything they can find, especially insects which are quite common for them to eat.

Most bugs that crows consume are caterpillars, worms, crickets, moths, beetles, bees, larvae, locus, centipedes, and even spiders.

Crows are really good scavengers and are so clever to look and hunt for any bugs and insects hiding in their foraging area.

Crows may also find and eat different insects depending which kinds of species are most abundant in their place.

What Do Crows Like To Eat The Most?

Despite being the most available food, insects are not particularly the crows’ all-time favorite meals.

These birds prefer other kinds of food that they may find.

Foods like nuts, such as peanuts, walnuts, are among the list.

They also like eggs, regardless how it is served, such as scrambled, raw, and boiled. (Check out my article – How to stop crows eating chicken eggs?)

These birds also have a favorable opinion of meat.

If anything, they would be delighted to have chicken and fish meat.

Crows also love eating kibbles, or pet food.

Any brand of cat and dog food will be a great treat to these birds. 

Wrapping Up

Crows are scavengers and opportunistic birds.

These black birds eat insects almost on a daily basis because of the food availability.

Caterpillars, worms, and other bugs are quite common for the crows to eat because they are generally easier to find.

In fact, crows’ diet usually consists of at least 10% to 15% of insects, depending on the season.


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