Do Crows Eat Starlings?

It is a common knowledge for everyone that all animals have their own prey and predators.

In most cases for animals, in order to survive, it is always to kill or be killed.

This is especially the case for omnivorous birds, like crows.

Since these black birds are known for being scavengers, they might also kill and hunt smaller birds for food. 

One of the small birds that are commonly being preyed on by crows are starlings.

Being probably one of the most intelligent scavengers out there, crows may kill these birds as meal.

Crows may also go for its eggs, fledglings, and even adult starling birds.

However, it is worth noting that crows will not kill birds all the time.

They will most likely go for their eggs all the time, since it is one of their favorites and one of the easiest food to hunt.

Crows may only kill and eat starlings and other bird animals usually if they no longer have any available food options. 

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Do Crows Kill Starlings? 

Starlings are small birds that are always found in any place.

Because they have a pretty huge population, it is unsurprising to see reports where crows hunt these little birds.

After all, with their superb intelligence, crows may have already figured out that these birds also have plenty of nests and eggs in hidden places.

Crows kill starlings regardless of their age.

They may hunt these small birds both adults and fledglings, and most commonly, the eggs.

However, these scavengers often go for the eggs and fledglings given how these young starlings are easier to kill. 

Why Do Crows Chase Starlings? 

Crows are also reportedly known to be rough against other birds.

Though these birds do chase away large birds, they may also do the same for small ones like starlings.

Of course, crows do this for a completely different reason. 

These black birds chase starlings and other small animals to scare them or drive them away from their nests, so they can easily hunt their eggs.

Crows use their bold and scary appearances to harass other birds, so the hunt would definitely be easier without the protectors. 

They may also chase starlings that are weak and vulnerable.

As an intelligent animal, crows know which animals are easier to chase and kill as food. 

Do Crows Eat Other Live Birds? 

Crows do eat other live birds, given how they are categorized as omnivorous.

Crows are capable of eating meat and hunting other animals for food.

In particular, these black birds always go for the birds that are often considered as preys to other predators.

Crows usually prey on eggs and baby birds because it is easier for them to hunt and eat these youngs than the adult ones.

They also prefer hunting small birds that are weak or already vulnerable, than those birds that are fully prepared to resist them. 

However, crows usually eat live birds whenever they are running out of food options which is rare because they always can find food as they are scavengers.

Though they can hunt other species, they prefer eating other available food like fruits, berries, eggs, meat, human food, and even insects. 

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Do Crows Kill Birds Of Prey? 

Crows have also been reported to chase birds of prey, such as raptors, owls, and hawks.

These black birds view these predatory birds as a serious threat that they need to drive away.

Crows are particularly hostile against hawks because they are trying to protect their nests and territory against this dangerous hunter. 

But do crows kill these birds of prey?

The answer is no.

While it is true that crows hate their predators, they do not usually kill them.

This is because they know that fighting against these birds of prey can cause them injuries, despite having the advantage in numbers. 

Instead, crows only chase the birds of prey away from their territory to keep the whole flock, including their eggs, protected. 

Have a look at the video below of crows mobbing an Eagle.. Yes an Eagle!

Wrapping Up

Crows are intelligent and strong enough to hunt and kill other birds.

These scavengers attack live and small birds, such as starlings.

Given how starlings are smaller and weaker than crows, it is not surprising to see them becoming victims of these cawing birds. 

However, while crows do hunt starlings, they still prefer the fledglings and eggs rather than the adult birds.

Crows will only resort to killing adult birds once they have no other food options available to consume. 

We also know that these crows form a flock to chase other birds that are stronger and larger than them.

But, the only difference is that crows do not chase birds of prey, like hawks, to kill them.

They only chase these raptors to drive them away from their territory to keep themselves safe. 


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