What Kind Of Bird Attacks Cats?

Cats, both domestic and feral, may also successfully hunt birds, especially the small ones.

If you own a cat, I’m pretty sure there have been some days where your cat will gift you or play with hunted birds in your home.

Hence, these cute pets are also considered to be one of the ground predators of birds.

But what if it is a bird that has attacked a cat?

Is this possible?

Do Birds Attack Cats?

If this is true then what kind of birds attack cats?

Let’s find out

There are birds that are reportedly to have attacked cats.

These birds are the Great Horned Owl, the Red-tailed Hawk, and the Northern Goshawk.

In particular, your pet cat may be unsafe to leave your home if there is a lurking Great Horned Owl in the area.

This is because this owl is quite famous in attacking both cats and dogs.

It is better to take extra precaution to protect your pets, but luckily, birds do not really kill cats or rip them in half for food.

Instead, it most likely has something to do with territory. 

You just got to be careful your cat don’t end up in their territory (if that’s possible)

Do Cats Get Attacked By Birds? 

Unfortunately to say, cats may get attacked by birds.

While we know these pets as cute furry children, birds view them as their predators.

Hence, if there is a chance that they see cats near their territory, they may attack your pet.

But the most common birds of prey that attack cats are the Great Horned Owl, the Red-tailed Hawk, and the Northern Goshawk.

Sometimes, even crows will attack cats for some reason, primarily to defend the territory against cats. 

I actually go into more detail in my article – Will crows attack cats?

Why Are Birds Attacking My Cat? (In More Detail) 

If your cat is constantly being attacked by birds, then it will be better to keep your pets indoors to protect them.

Birds are quite territorial and defensive when it comes to their territories.

Most likely, a group of birds will attack your cat if it comes close to its nest and their young.


Well, it is normal for birds to protect their babies against one of their famous predators, cats. 

Cats are innately curious and they may sometimes put their little paws in something they should not meddle with.

Birds may view cats as a dangerous threat that they need to bravely attack and drive away to keep their nests, flock, and their territory safe. 

Here’s another question that might come to mind..

Do Birds Prey On Cats? 

There are some cases where birds of prey hunt and kill cats to eat them, but these are extremely rare cases.

Some birds that are known to attack pets are owls and hawks.

But it is not entirely possible for these birds to snatch away your pet, especially if it is an adult cat.

They are too heavy to be carried by their talons. 

Still, you should keep your cats indoors especially if there are predatory birds in your area just to keep your pets safe.

It is better to become protective than be sorry after losing your cat to predator birds

Because even if your cat is unlikely to be killed, it is still possible for them to be attacked and suffer serious and life-threatening injuries.

Would Crows Attack a Cat? 

Aside from the owls and hawks that are mentioned and reportedly known to attack cats, crows may also pose a danger to your pets.

Similar to other birds, crows may attack a cat to protect their nest and territory.

However, another possible reason as to why crows will attack your pet is to get revenge on them.

After all, crows are intelligent enough to accurately remember human faces.

These crows will remember cats and other animals that hurt them or had a history of causing them trouble. 

Luckily, crows are unlikely to attack a cat and kill them for the sake of eating them as food.

They will most likely ignore cats that do not threaten their territory and nests. 

You can check out my article where I go into more detail – Will crows attack cats?

Wrapping Up

Cats are among the ground predators of many birds out there.

Hence, whenever a group of birds sees a cat that is roaming around near their nest, they will attack them.

Since birds see cats as a predator, it is only safe to assume that birds will do everything to drive your cat away. 

However, there are some predatory birds that are really known for attacking and harming cats.

These birds are owls, hawks, and even crows.

It is best to keep your cat indoors, so you would not risk your cats getting some serious injuries against these strong birds of prey. 


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