Why Do Crows Swarm? 

Crows belong to a large bird family called corvidae, or commonly known as corvids.

This bird family is composed of different bird species like crows, ravens, rooks, jackdaws, magpies, and more.

These birds, individually, do not really have a good reputation to many people due to their clever tricks and mischievous personality.

So, why do birds, especially crows, form a large group?

Well, in the very first place, why do crows swarm? 

Crows form their flock and swarm an area due to many beneficial reasons.

Most of the time, these birds will go together for the benefit of having warmth, enough protection against danger, and most importantly, sharing their knowledge with each other.

Crows are highly intelligent birds that are capable enough to communicate with one another to easily find more food sources and other things for themselves.

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What Does It Mean When a Lot Of Crows Are Flying Together? 

A lot of studies have already proved the amazing intelligence of crows.

However, their behavior of flying together in groups is still only being hypothesized by many scientists.

After all, these birds are too clever and there are a lot of things to be considered just to exactly know what could be the reasons behind their action.

Nevertheless, it is said that crows are flying together for many possible reasons.

If they are flying together, it is likely that they are going all together in an area where they think they could have food.

They may also be trying to fly in an area where a dead crow was spotted and attempt to investigate together.

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Crows may also be trying to attack or drive away a predator in groups.

This behavior is called mobbing where crows form large groups and chase a predator away from their family or territory. 

Here’s a video showing crows mobbing a Eagle, yes an Eagle! They’re not scared at all!

What Does It Mean When You See a Lot of Crows?

Seeing crows flying together and seeing them staying in an area may give you the same perspective: gathering and forming a flock.

However, these two circumstances are driven by different reasons.

We have already mentioned the meaning behind their behavior of flying together, but what about when they are only staying in one place? 

One primary reason why these black birds are in one area is because they might share their intelligence with one another.

Crows are highly intelligent birds – clever enough to communicate their discovery of new potential food sources, water sources, good territory, and possible dangerous predators.

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Another thing is they might be in the middle of investigating the death of their comrade.

Crows also conduct an investigation whenever they spot a dead body of their own.

This investigation is done to rule out possible predators in the area, so they would be able to keep themselves safe from these threats.

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Lastly, crows gather and sleep together.

If you have been seeing crows roosting in high trees in large numbers, they are most likely keeping each other safe from threats.

These birds sleep closely to one another, so one could immediately alert the whole flock when there is a lurking predator nearby.

Why Are The Crows Going Crazy? 

One cawing crow may already be pretty annoying to hear.

Hearing them cawing together would probably be too troublesome and disturbing.

Do these crows really go crazy for no reason?

Apparently not. 

Crows may only caw crazily together for one possible reason: a presence of a predator is detected.

If these birds are disturbed because of a dangerous threat, they might really act pretty crazy.

It could be anything they think of as a threat such as hawks, owls, snakes, and other things that could make them feel urgent and alerted. 

Why Are So Many Crows Cawing? 

Crows may caw together for many possible reasons that no one could possibly identify correctly in a situation.

However, many bird experts assume that crows make loud noises primarily because of two possibilities: either there is a predator or they are sharing information.

As mentioned, crows may caw when they see a threat.

They will most likely caw loudly in an attempt to alert the whole flock and prepare for counterattack or mobbing.

Another reason is because they are sharing information.

Since crows are highly intelligent, they will sometimes gather in one area where they will discuss all the things they have discovered such as food sources, territories, or beings they need to be wary of.

Naturally, cawing will be their only way to communicate with one another.

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What Attracts Crows To An Area? 

Crows can be seen anywhere, but some places have more habitat crows than any other place.

This is likely because that particular area holds much value to crows. 

A place may really become attractive to these birds because it is a rich source of food.

Whether it is a farm field filled with crops; cities where there is a lot of thrown away food, or the coast where they can hunt other birds, it all comes down to the abundance of food found in the place.

Another possible attractive feature of a place is its security and strategic location.

Crows prefer to find places where they can be safe from predators especially during the night. 

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Wrapping Up

Crows may gather together and swarm a place in search of warmth, food, protection, or for the sole purpose of doing crow activities.

These birds may fly together usually in an attempt to go together in a food source or chase away a predator.

They may also stay in one area to share networks or rule out possible threats in the place.

No matter what the reason is, this only proves that crows are highly intelligent to do superb tasks in order to live peacefully and safely. 


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