Do Crows Eat Meat? 

One of the good sources of protein is meat.

It is one of the all time favorites of all animals, especially those carnivorous ones.

Birds, reptiles, amphibians, and other species love meat.

Naturally, this includes crows which are famous for having a wide range of diet.

If you are one of the people who feed crows, are you having a hard time choosing which food to give to these black birds?

You only need a simple answer: Meat! 

I know what you’re thinking – Do crows eat meat?

Crows do eat meat, regardless if it is raw or cooked.

In fact, these birds are omnivorous and love meat as their food.

These birds will eat meat from a thrown away food, a hunted animal, or meat from a decaying bird.

They are not picky eaters and they are opportunistic.

They will certainly consume anything that is edible, including all kinds of available meat they can have. 

Can You Feed Crows Cooked Meat? 

Are you feeding wild crows and torn whether you can give them cooked meat or not?

Well, you are free to feed these birds some cooked meat.

It is safe for them and nothing bad will come as an effect.

In fact, meat is already considered a delicacy and a special type of food for crows.

Just be sure that if you are feeding these birds some cooked meat, it should be unsalted.

Crows can not eat salty food and it will pose a danger to their health if ever.

Sausages and hams are fine as long as you only give it to them in moderation. 

If anything, you can also choose to give them raw meat.

As long as it is not spoiled, crows will be delighted to receive this food from you. 

If you’re feeding crows, I’m sure you’re trying to befriend them right?

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Is Raw Meat Good For Crows? 

While cooked food is one option, feeding crows raw meat is also possible.

These crows will still enjoy eating raw meat, especially if it is fresh.

They will still be happy and really grateful to have such finely cut and fresh meat as their food.

It is also best if you are going to feed crows some finely cut food.

Try to cut the meat into smaller pieces that would make it easier for the birds to eat them. 

Do Ravens Or Crows Eat Meat? 

Ravens and crows both come from the same bird family – the corvidae.

Hence, if crows are omnivorous birds, so are ravens.

These two birds, in terms of diet, don’t have any differences. 

Both birds are opportunistic and scavengers.

Naturally, they also eat meat.

In fact, ravens and crows love eating this food.

Ravens, in particular, eat meat often; it makes up most of their diet than any other food out there. 

Do Crows Eat Chicken? 

As mentioned, crows are opportunistic.

They are not simply opportunistic, but highly opportunistic ones.

These crows will certainly go for any food, fresh or cooked, living or not, just to eat.

If they spot a chicken that is easy to kill, then don’t be surprised if you have noticed a missing chicken in your flock.

Nevertheless, crows will only hunt and eat chickens if they really run out of easy food options and it becomes a no choice but to eat a chicken. 

Otherwise they wouldn’t just eat a chicken for the sake of it

It is very rare for this to happen

These birds will always go for food that are easy to acquire like grains, fruits, human food, and many more.

Killing adult chickens is not something a crow would do daily or something .

If they had to, they wouldn’t attack a chicken rather they would go for the baby chicks first

As for feeding crows chicken meat, it is perfectly safe and okay for you to do this 

Crows love chicken meat and it is one of their most favorite food.

You can give it to them raw or uncooked, as long as it is not spoiled and is unsalted.

A great way of attracting crows to your backyard (if that’s your objective)

Is It Okay To Feed Crows? 

Feeding crows is essentially nice to these birds and it is not really bad for you to feed them.

However, just be sure that if you are determined to become a food source for these birds, you are ready for some consequences. 

But if you prefer not to experience troubles, then it is best not to feed crows on a regular basis.

These birds will eventually associate you with food and may try to become more demanding.

Crows will also tend to gather and flock around your house, waiting for food. 

In the worst case scenario, these birds will become nuisance, aggressive, and territorial which is certainly not a good idea. 

But hey, if you enjoy their company or maybe you just love crows

Food is the best way to attract them and be friends with them

Wrapping Up

If you are feeding crows or ravens, it is okay for you to give them meat.

Whether you feed these birds raw meat or cooked meat, either will be fine.

Keep in mind that the meat should be cut into pieces and should be unseasoned to keep the birds healthy and encourage easier feeding. 

However, if you are planning to feed crows, be sure that you are ready to face some issues.


Because feeding these birds may result in a troublesome routine that you need to commit to.

Crows may become overly territorial, aggressive, and demanding once they remember that you are giving them food. 

This means they would flock near your house

Not just one. but the whole gang!

But if you enjoy their company and want them to visit you everyday, food is the best way to do this!

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