Can Crows Eat Apples? 

Apples are one of the most common fruits available in the world.

They are healthy,  delicious, and plenty around which makes it a perfect food to all animals – both domestic and wild.

Many birds specifically love apples, along with other fruits.

However, there are cases where some animals cannot eat fruits that contain seeds, apples included.

Are crows among these birds?

Can crows eat apples?

Fruits and berries are part of crow’s diet.

Naturally, like any other birds, crows can eat apples too – only with some limited restrictions.

If you have crows to feed on a regular basis, you can give them apples as long as it is peeled and, most importantly, have its seeds removed.

Apple seeds are toxic to the majority of birds, including crows.

This is because the seeds contain cyanide which is harmful and poisonous to animals.

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Anyways, let’s get into more detail in this article

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Are Apples Good For Crows? 

Can Crows Eat Apples? 

Apples are not only delicious, but they are a good source of nutrients to everyone.

Eating apples will bring certain benefits for crows, and certainly, these fruits are good for them.

If you are feeding these cawing birds, just be sure to remove the apple seeds to make their feeding time extra special and safe.

Additionally, peeling the apples and chopping them into smaller pieces would make it easier for these crows to eat and appreciate it! 

In return, I’m sure they’d love you for it too!

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Benefits Of Apples For Crows

As mentioned, there are a lot of benefits that crows can get from apples.

Of course, other birds can also get the same nutrients as well.

If you like to know more about the nutrients of this fruit, here are some of them: 

Vitamin A

Crows and other birds will have better eyesight due to the vitamin A content of apples.

It also helps in maintaining their appearance as it keeps their skin and feathers healthy.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is great in keeping the immune system healthy.

This particular vitamin also helps the birds in regulating their metabolic processes and satisfy their other nutritional needs.


Apples improve the digestive system of crows and other animals because of its high fiber content.

This is essential in keeping the birds’ overall health in perfect condition.

Protein and Carbohydrates

These two nutrients are essential in keeping the birds’ energy and muscle recovery excellent.

Protein has an important role in repairing muscles and tissues in the body, while carbohydrates are a great source of energy. 

What Should You Not Feed Crows? 

Although crows are natural scavengers and have a wide diet range, not all food is good for them.

There are still certain foods that can be toxic, unhealthy, or harmful for their health. 

Seeds from fruits like apples, peaches, and cherries should not be given to them due to the cyanide content.

Although crows love seeds, anything that contains cyanide will eventually become a poison to them.

Mushrooms, onions, and dried beans are also not good food options for these crows.

They may cause stomach upsets, anemia, and even worst cases like liver failure. 

Similarly, peppers, food containing high amounts of sugar, and salted food are not great either due to some possible side effects like diarrhea, vomiting, and dehydration. 

Okay, so we know what you shouldn’t feed crows

Let’s now look at what is safe for crows to eat

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What Is Safe To Feed Crows? 

Crows do not have a sensitive diet; in fact, you can feed them almost anything you have.

Crows can eat insects, plants, fruits, berries, meat, and even human food!

They will be delighted to receive food from you. 

Some fruits you can feed them are apples (as long as without seeds), grapes (check out my article – Can crows eat grapes?), oranges, and blueberries.

Crows absolutely love nuts too, so feeding them any kinds of nuts will be great for them. 

If you have been feeding some crows for quite a while, try to give them some hard-boiled eggs.

They are a must have and crows’ all time favorite.

Grains, corn, and some meat are options too. 

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What Are Crows’ Favorite Food? 

Like any other animals and even us humans, crows have their favorite food.

If you want to befriend a crow, then giving them their most preferred food is the key to gain their trust.

Giving them eggs, meat, unsalted nuts, seeds, and dog or cat food will make them extremely satisfied and happy. 

Crows love eggs, whether raw, cooked, boiled, or any way they are cooked.

Try giving them meat scraps as well, such as chicken and any other kinds of meat.

Any kinds of unsalted nuts and seeds are safe and healthy for the crows to eat.

Ultimately, these birds also love small dry kibbles.

Just make sure you give them plenty of water to avoid dehydration.

Wrapping Up

Crows can eat fruits, like apples.

It is just also a part of their wide diet and are really healthy for them.

Apples are great sources of nutrients that will keep crows’ overall health perfectly.

However, these birds should not ingest any apple seeds as it may cause them harmful effects due to cyanide content. 

Other food that you can feed to crows are meat, vegetables, berries, unsalted nuts, seeds, and grains.

Feeding crows are effective in gaining their trust and befriending them.

While these birds are treated as pests most of the time, they are still animals that deserve to be treated nicely and right. 

If done correctly, they actually become your friend!

Do remember though, they would bring their family and friends too


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