Do Crows Eat Sparrows? 

Sparrows are one of the most common and typical birds we can see in our everyday lives.

They are literally almost everywhere — farmland, cities, countryside, and other places.

Hence, it is not surprising if we wonder whether crows hunt sparrows as well.

Isn’t it pretty logical to think that crows may also eat sparrows because they are technically abundant in numbers? 

Well, to answer your curiosity, crows really do eat sparrows.

After all, these birds are omnivorous and would find no hesitation to kill a bird.

Crows may also hunt and eat canaries, pigeons, doves, and finches, aside from sparrows.

These birds are not really picky eaters and would always go for any food opportunity they can find.

However, do remember that crows still prefer other food like meat, grains, human food, and eggs over a dead bird. 

Do Crows Prey On Sparrows? 

Crows do prey on sparrows, especially during times that there are no other food options available.

As mentioned, crows are omnivorous and always ready to kill.

They especially prefer to kill nestlings, eggs, and small adult birds.

In fact, any animals or birds that are smaller in size always end up as one of their potential victims or food.

Crows also love to prey on vulnerable and easy to kill birds, sparrows included.

Sparrows are typically defenseless against the big bodies and supreme hunting abilities of crows. 

Are Crows Bad For Other Birds? 

Admittedly, crows are bad for other birds especially for those who are weaker and smaller than them.

These are the birds that always end up as their prey like finches, sparrows, and pigeons. 

These black, killing birds are also extremely dangerous because they tend to prey more on the nestlings and eggs, making them almost like a villain to other species. 

However, it is also quite safe to assume that not all birds are frightened and defenseless against crows.

There are still predatory birds that can overpower these clever birds, such as owls and hawks. 

Do Crows Eat Small Animals? 

Small animals are perfect preys.

Usually, they are weaker, defenseless, and vulnerable enough for the crows to hunt.

Any small animal can be a potential victim of crows – birds, mammals, eggs, reptiles, amphibians, and many more.

They can even eat insects and worms as well! 

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This just really proves how crows can really have a wide range of diet.

They can eat anything that is edible and would satisfy their hunger, regardless of what it is.

They are also not limited to only small adult animals, but even the young or babies.

In fact, crows love to eat eggs and nestlings or baby birds—enough that it is not an exaggeration to consider eggs and nestlings as their favorites.

This is because they are the easiest prey to get.

Perfectly defenseless, vulnerable, unprotected, and easy to locate. 

What Birds Are Crows Afraid Of? 

Of course, it is pretty unlikely for crows not to have their own enemies.

Like any birds and any other animals, they also have some beings they are afraid of.

Similarly, crows do still have some animals they consider as their mortal enemies. 

Because like all other animals in the world, crows can also be prey for others.

They are not only predators, but they are also prey for other animals stronger, larger, and faster than them.

Some bird animals that are known to hunt and threaten the crows are hawks, eagles, and owls. 

These bird animals often eat crows and their eggs.

This is also the reason why crows tend to gang up together and drive away these predators

This ganging up on bird predators called mobbing. 

Have a look at this video of crows mobbing an Eagle!

Wrapping Up 

Crows are omnivorous, opportunistic, and natural scavengers.

They love hunting small animals that are weak, vulnerable, and easy to catch.

One of their common victims is sparrows – both adult and baby ones.

These cawing birds pose a serious and dangerous threat to other birds in their area, because it is possible that they might be their next meal. 

However, this does not mean that crows are omnipotent.

No matter how intelligent and strong they are, some birds are still meant to overpower them.

Common predatory birds of crows are hawks, eagles, and owls. 


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