Why Are Crows Scared Of Scarecrows? 

Scarecrows are the most traditional form of bird deterrent in a field.

They are quite effective in driving away some pests birds because they look like humans, making the birds scared and wary.

But are these scarecrows also effective for highly intelligent birds, like crows?

Let’s find out! 

Crows are still considered a large nuisance and extremely annoying bird pests.

This is because they are so clever that they often steal crops, damage fragile seeds, and destroy fields. (Have a read of my article – How to stop crows destroying my lawn)

That’s why most owners put up scarecrows as a deterrent. 

Crows are afraid of scarecrows for only a short time.

As you know, these black birds are intelligent enough to realize that these deterrents are only fake.

They are adaptive, so it is recommended to at least change their angle, position, or the entire deterrent every once in a while. 

That way they think it’s real

Otherwise crows are very intelligent and it’s not easy to fool them

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Why Do Scarecrows Keep Crows Away?

Scarecrows were originally invented to drive away crows, hence the name “scarecrow.”

These scary mannequins are intended to scare these birds because they keep stealing crops and damaging the field. 

This deterrent takes the form of a human in an assumption that birds will naturally leave the fields alone if they see a person.

Well, these scary deterrents are somewhat effective in their job as they really make crows wary and hesitant in landing on the field. 

Does that mean scarecrows keep crows away?

Do Scarecrows Keep Crows Away? 

Even though scarecrows are named “scare crows”, they do not really keep crows away.

Ironic, sure, but the birds they are targeting are just seriously intelligent.

Crows cannot be fooled for a very long time with a motionless mannequin. 

Crows are birds that have great adaptive and cognitive abilities.

They are also capable of thinking and understanding analogies.

Hence, they would know that scarecrows are motionless humans that are not capable of harming them at all. 

Scarecrows are still effective at some point.

They are great at keeping crows away for the first few days.

You can still use this deterrent temporarily while installing other deterrents that are more effective. 

Are Birds Actually Scared Of Scarecrows? 

Of course, scarecrows are not only meant for crows.

These scary mannequins also do its job for other species of birds.

These deterrents may be effective for some birds, like doves.

But in general, they will not forever be effective in deterring birds.

This is because, like crows, other species are intelligent.

You would often see some birds perching on the arms of scarecrows, signifying that they do not particularly consider it as a threat. 

There are now far more effective deterrents to use.

Some farmers or land owners now use some modernized scarecrows with installed voice deterrents or sensory motion.

Unlike motionless and the traditional scarecrows, these are far more effective because they are actually moving. 

What Are Crows Frightened Of? 

Luckily, there are other effective ways to scare the crows away from the field.

These deterrents are relatively easy to install and very accessible. 

1. Reflective objects 

Crows hate shiny objects, hence these are one of the best methods to keep them away.

Reflective tapes, CDs, and any shiny things would scare these birds. Simply hang them on the field or in a spot where crows usually stay to drive them away from your area. 

2. Fake Predatory Birds

Instead of scarecrows, fake predatory birds are more effective in scaring pest birds such as crows.

If crows spot that there is a predator in the area, they would feel hesitant and scared.

Some predatory birds you can install are owls and hawks. 

3. Sound-emitting devices

Distress calls would make any bird feel frightened.

These are calls produced by birds that are in danger.

Hearing this would instantly let the other birds know that there is a serious and dangerous predator lurking in the area.

Naturally, crows would quickly flee to keep themselves safe. 

Wrapping Up

When thinking of scaring away birds, particularly crows, it is the scarecrows that come first into our mind.

However, these bird deterrents are not particularly useful and effective against these intelligent birds.

Crows are highly adaptive, and they would certainly realize after a few days that scarecrows are harmless.

It is important to use other deterrents like reflective items, predatory birds, and sound-emitting devices if you really want to keep your field and crops protected. 


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