Can Crows Eat Bananas? 

Crows are literally everywhere, often looking for any food they can eat.

These birds can almost eat anything and have a really diverse diet.

They can eat fruits, vegetables, other animals, scraps, and even human food. 

Of course, it will no longer be surprising if these crows can eat some of the most common fruits out there.

Apples, grapes, oranges, raisins, and other fruits are typically included in their diet.

Another fruit we absolutely love and is really healthy is a banana.

Can these cawing birds eat this fruit too? 

Bananas are known for their rich nutrients and wonderful taste.

Most birds love bananas, but crows in particular find this fruit irresistible.

Not only can they eat the soft and sweet inside part of the banana, but they can also eat its peel too!

Both the flesh and the peel provide wonderful nutrients that these birds need in order to stay healthy.

There is also no restriction for them in eating this fruit and in fact, it is one of the most accessible foods they can get in the wild. 

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Benefits Of Bananas For Crows

Since it was already mentioned that bananas are densely-packed with nutrients, what are they exactly?

Crows benefit a lot from eating bananas because of the present vitamins and minerals in the fruit.

To give you an idea, here are some of the benefits of eating bananas.

Great source of fiber

Bananas can make crows feel full for a certain period of time.

This is because this fruit contains lots of fibers that helps in slowing down the digestion of the birds.

Fiber also helps lower the risk of serious diseases, particularly the illnesses targeting the heart.

High potassium content

It is known for a fact that bananas have a significant amount of potassium.

This nutrient aids in maintaining cells in the body which is essential in keeping the crow’s heart and blood pressure in perfect condition. 

Potassium also helps the crows in terms of bone development, along with magnesium.

It also helps in keeping the birds alert, smart, and active all the time because of its benefits to the brain. 

Rich in antioxidants

Bananas have great amounts of vitamin C, needed to protect and keep the immune system healthy.

Eating bananas would definitely help the crows to stay healthy and away from diseases. 

Vitamin C are antioxidants that are absolutely a needed nutritional requirement for crows.

Can Crows Eat The Skin Of Bananas (Banana Peel)?

Crows are scavengers and can almost eat anything.

The flesh part of a banana is not the only thing they can eat!

Its banana peel is also something edible for these cawing birds.

The best part?

It is also highly nutritious for them!

Still, it depends on the crow whether they will eat it or not.

At the end of the day, they still have their own preference.

But the banana peel also contains a rich amount of nutrition, such as vitamin A, fiber, antioxidants, vitamin B12, vitamin B6, and amino acids. 

What Are Crows’ Favorite Food? 

Although crows have a diverse diet and they can pretty much eat anything, they still have their own likes.

Crows, in fact, have a great anticipation towards nuts, eggs, meat, and dry pet food.

They absolutely love these foods so much that they may never get tired of eating them. 

Crows love any kinds of nuts, like peanuts, walnuts, almonds, and the likes.

They also love eggs, no matter how it is served.

Whether it be raw, scrambled, boiled, or any cooking method to serve eggs is no big deal to them.

As long as you serve them eggs, they will be happy about it.

Since these large birds are naturally scavengers, they love meat too.

Food items like chicken, fish are their best bets.

Lastly, one of the crows’ favorite food is pet kibbles or dry dog food or cat food.

So if you’re thinking about feeding crows, you know what they love!

A great way to build a relationship with them and have them come to your yard!

This leads me to my next point

What To Feed Crows To Befriend Them? 

The key to befriend a crow is through their stomach.

If you have some crow families to feed on a regular basis, you are doing great.

Pretty sure that you also discover that they have their own preferences. 

Befriending a crow could help you establish trust between the two of you.

You will also be remembered because of your generosity which will help you stay safe from their attacks.

After all, crows are intelligent enough to perfectly remember human faces who help them. 

Nevertheless, you can start feeding crows some sliced fruits, meat scraps, dry pet food if you have any, seeds, eggs.

These are just some of their favorites and most accessible food you can give.

But remember, crows can pretty much eat anything you can offer to them. 

Just also be wary that befriending and feeding crows may also turn out to be quite an obligation as they can be demanding later on. 

Wrapping Up 

Crows are capable of eating fruits, such as apples, bananas, grapes, and other edible fruits.

Bananas, in particular, are one of the most accessible and quite a favorite among these birds.

These large crows can also eat the banana peel, aside from the sweet, flavorful flesh.

If you wish to befriend crows, you can give them their favorite ones.

Meat, eggs, dry kibbles, and nuts are just some of their top preferences.

However, you can just feed them anything you can offer as these birds are not picky-eaters at all. 


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