Do Crows Hold Grudges?

Crows holding grudges seems to be impossible if this is your first time hearing or knowing about this.

Of course, isn’t it too amazing and impossible to have these birds hold grudges towards certain people?

Well, to tell you the truth, these birds are really capable of doing that despite how impossible it sounds.

These corvid birds are intelligent enough to remember clearly the people who wronged them and favored them 

So you better be careful when you are around them!

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Crows do hold grudges and they may even seek revenge on those people who harmed them.

In fact, these cawing birds can hold their resentment for at least two years!

They may try and continuously pester you for that time period.

Crows do all mischievous things that will certainly annoy you, so it is important and beneficial not to get on their bad side.

No matter how annoying crows can be, always try to show compassion and kindness to them to avoid any bird troubles. 

Do Crows Take Revenge? 

These crows are intelligent enough to remember faces.

Scientists have claimed that these birds particularly remember all those people they associated with bad deeds.

Those who wronged, harmed, and tried to threaten them are already listed in their black list. 

Hence, these crows take revenge against these people.

These resentful birds cannot really forget quite easily.

They might try to attack, mob, or bully you in case you harmed them in the past.

This may be quite dangerous as crows tend to gather together when dealing with a huge or stronger foe. 

Have a look at this video of crows dive bombing an eagle! That’s right, they’re not scared of eagles too!

The worst possible case to happen is to have the word of you being dangerous spread to the entire murder.

Crows tend to communicate about certain threats and dangers to protect their group.

This is also one of the best reasons why you should not badly engage with these intellectual birds.

Do Crows Remember Who Wronged Them? 

Crows have seriously amazing memories. Research shows that these corvid birds are great in remembering people, especially those who wronged them.

They tend to easily remember those who harmed them or threatened them in the past.

What is more amazing is their ability to hold that memory for several years. 

These birds can also remember not only humans, but other animals and even family members who did something bad to them.

They are also particularly hostile to those who gave them a bad experience.

Capturing them, hurting them, threatening, and killing other crows could just earn you a bad spot in their memory. 

I’m sure that’s not something you’d want!

Here’s a question though

If crows remember the bad, do they remember your kindness to them?

Do Crows Remember Kindness? 

Crows, of course, not only remember all hates and resentments.

They are also capable of remembering the faces of people who helped them.

These birds can also try to befriend and trust these people, especially those who are giving them food on a regular basis. 

These birds will also attempt to bring their family members and other friends to introduce you.

After all, they will honestly remember your generosity.

Though just be wary that these crows might turn into demanding birds and resent you once you stop doing the kind things to them.

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Wrapping Up

Crows are amazing and intelligent enough to hold grudges.

They can remember faces of people and other animals who wronged them.

Likewise, they can also remember generosity and become friends.

If you happen to be on the bad side of these crows, it is likely that they will pester you for a long time.

They may hold their resentment for up to two years and spread the word to the entire flock.

Being a good friend to crows may also lead you to a larger family as these birds have the tendency to call their friends to receive your generosity. 


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