Seagulls Circling And Screeching

Countless arguments have already been made for the past years up to now whether animals are somehow blessed with other abilities.

One of the most famous arguments is whether birds can tell differences in weather and detect calamities.

If you live in an area where there are lots of seagulls, I’m pretty sure you have witnessed at least once, seeing these birds circling and screeching together.

Whether it has something to do with the famous assumptions, let’s find out! 

You might say that circling and screeching is just one of the many bird behaviors of seagulls.

Undeniably, that’s right!

However, gulls act this way because they are like a barometer.

They have this amazing ability where they can tell sudden changes in the weather.

This is the reason why seagulls are great in surviving storms.

These coast birds can sense changes in air pressure which is why they fly in circles to adjust their senses and keep up with the changes. 

In one way or another, it is safe to say that seagulls are indeed amazing birds. 

Let’s get into more detail in this article

What Does Circling Seagulls Mean? 

Looking up at the clear, blue sky and seeing large flocks of seagulls flying in circles seem amazing.

The sight is indeed cool to see, but there is something more amazing behind their actions. 

In case you are not aware, seagulls are one of the bird species that are great in detecting changes in the environment.

They are highly sensitive particularly in weather changes.

In fact, these birds have been used as guides by many sailors in predicting the weather and any other calamities. 

Seagulls will fly in circles as they are trying to adjust their senses in response to the sudden change of air pressure.

These birds will take back their sense of balance and direction in the air.

This happens whenever there is a significant change in the weather, such as an approaching big storm.

How cool is that!  

Why Do Seagulls Circle And Make Noise? 

You might have seen gulls circling up high in the sky while making endless noises together.

There are many possible reasons behind their noises and circular flying.

It may be related to food hunting, sensing predators, and preparing themselves for the sudden change in weather.

Food hunting 

Like any other birds, gulls can take advantage of thermals.

These thermals help birds fly while also conserving energy in flight.

They usually fly in circles to stay within the range of the thermal.

Gulls will usually do this, accompanied with noise, in search of their food.

After all, they are scavengers and opportunistic birds who are willing to spot meals from the sky. 

Spotting Predators

Gulls are also protective of their young and other companions.

They may fly in circles and make noises in an attempt to ward off their predators, while also alerting the whole flock.

Seagulls, on their own, are already brave and fearless.

Being in a flock would make them stronger and a threat even to other raptors such as eagles, hawks, falcons

Readjusting Their Senses

As mentioned, gulls can sense changes in the weather.

They will fly in circles while also making noises as they are readjusting their senses.

Sudden drop in air pressure or detecting a huge storm are commonly the reasons behind their cries. 

What Does It Mean When Seagulls Scream? 

Seagulls’ cries can seriously be annoying at times.

After all, their loud calls are always a problem for many people.

This becomes worse when seagulls flock together and make noises all at once. 

Gulls are inherently protective of their young, like any other animal.

It is highly possible that these birds scream whenever their chicks are being threatened by a potential predator, like humans.

They may be attempting to ward off the threat away from their young, the group, and from themselves. 

It may also be because they are calling their group and other companions from somewhere far.

After all, gulls have various calls they use to communicate with one another. 

Wrapping Up 

Seagulls are one of the birds that are commonly identified with loud calls.

As they are usually found in the coastlines, gulls are flying in circles as they are trying to get their new sense of balance and direction.

This happens whenever they are detecting a sudden change in weather, such as air pressure. 

These birds may also scream and make loud noises while flying.

It may be related to their food hunting, alerting their flock because of a potential predator, or simply because they are adjusting their senses.

Nevertheless, gulls are only just trying to live and act how they are supposed to be. 

They’re just being themselves

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