Where Do Seagulls Go When It Rains

When it rains, we humans tend to quickly look for cover

Last thing we want is getting wet in the rain so we’d stand under a roof or get cover

But what about seagulls?

Where do seagulls go in the rain?

Seagulls would resort to taking shelter under trees and hedges when it is raining

Let’s get into more detail in this article

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Where Does a Seagull Go When It Rains?

It is said Seagulls know when a storm is about to happen

They tend to fly out just before it pours down when a storm is just about to start

That is why Fishermen use seagulls to know when a storm is coming

Seagulls would take shelter on tree branches or at hedges to avoid the rain

Pretty much what any bird would do

Now you may have seen a seagull stand in the rain

And it can make you question the following

You may have noticed or seen a seagull stand in the rain

It may look odd

A Seagull standing in the rain

So why do they do that?

You see, air in a low-pressure system is less dense, and it’s dense air that gives birds the aerodynamic lift they need to take wing and fly

Now when it rains,

This adds lots of molecules to the air

This take up more space in the air which makes it even more less dense

So a seagull would rather stand in the rain and keep their energy rather than fly

Feathers on a bird is waterproof so when rain falls on them, the water pretty much slides off them

This is why you would see Seagulls and birds in general standing in the rain

Do Seagulls Fly Away From Bad Weather?

As mentioned earlier, seagulls tend to know when a storm is about to come

That is why you would see gulls return to shore or even inland during storms

Do Seagulls Come Inland In Bad Weather?

Because seagulls know when a storm is coming they’re already prepared for it

They won’t come inland in bad weather

To be honest, gulls are spotted everywhere!

If you see gulls inland it’s because they find it safe there

There’s less predators particularly on rooftops of city buildings where these seagulls make their homes

Another reason why seagulls would come inland is because of the food supply!

Seagulls are scavengers and in the city there are lots of people that may be eating chips or throwing away food at lunch time and gulls love pestering these poor workers!

That is why you may see more seagulls inland rather than by the coast

Yes, they still hang about near the coast but there have started to see an increase in seagulls in the city now

Wrapping Up

Seagulls would take shelter on tree branches or hedges to protect themselves from the rain just as other birds would do

Gulls know when a storm is about to happen so they are prepared which is why Fishermen love them!

They have started to migrate more towards inland but this is not due to bad weather, it’s because they are more safe in the city than on the coast

They are much pretty much everywhere now!

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