Why Do Chickens Make Noise In The Morning

In this article you’re going to learn why chickens make noise in the morning

We all know chickens are pretty much vocal creatures and they make noise

Especially a Rooster!

But why do they make so much noise in the morning?

Chickens make noise in the morning for a couple of reasons which include, they want to get out of their coop (If you keep them in there all night), they’re hungry so want food and water, they’ve just laid an egg or your chickens are communicating with each other nice and early in the morning! 

Let’s get into more detail in this blog post

We’ll also talk about how you can reduce the noise in the morning so you can get some sleep!

Why Chickens Make Noise In The Morning? (In Detail)

When chickens make noise they can all mean different things

If it’s in the morning it can be an issue

Especially if you have neighbors

It’s not nice if your chickens are getting everyone up extra early in the morning

Understanding why you chickens make noise in the morning can help you identify what the reasons are and how you can help reduce this

Egg Laying 

When your chicken is laying an egg, expect some pretty loud noises

Apparently it’s called the egg song

How does it sound?

It’s more of like a series of loud clucks and bawks – something you’d hear in a cartoon

So why do they make so much noise when laying an egg?

There are a couple of reasons which I’ll briefly touch upon


Your chicken is pretty much telling everyone she is laying an egg or it’s in “production”

This sense of pride can sometimes be because of their position in their flock

A bird that is higher up in the flock may be cementing her position and letting everyone know


Your hen may be calling out to her flock mates

You see, in the wild a chicken that is laying an egg calls out to other flock members to let them know where the nest is


A chicken that is laying an egg may call out to fool predators in thinking the nest is not where it actually is

It’s a distraction call

If you have ever tried to find a hidden nest by following the egg song when your chicken is laying, you’ll realize the nest is not easy to find!

Future Mating 

The egg song gets the roosters all excited which leads to mating happening.

This may be because the hen is the most fertile at this time

There we have it!

Chickens make lots of noise when egg laying for different reasons

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Back to why chickens make noise in the morning

Another reason is your chickens are protesting

They want to come out of the coop in the morning so they can access their food and water


Just how wild birds make lots of noise at dawn, chickens also become more vocal in the morning too

They communicate with each other by using sounds to express certain feelings

For example they’re making noise because they’re happy, sad, frightened, worried

This is their way of communication by making noise


Hey, I make noise when I’m hungry and thirsty! Kidding!

But yes, when chicken are hungry and thirsty they will surely let you know

It doesn’t matter what time of the day

When you think about it, they’ve been sleeping and they might have even got up early without you knowing and now they’re tired of waiting and want their food and water

You probably have noticed, whenever you let your chickens out from the coop they can’t get out quick enough!


Staying in the coop all night and waiting to be let out in the morning can cause frustration

Especially if there’s not enough space

This can lead to scuffles which can get noisy

It can be a problem when you have a strong bird who’s at the top of the pecking order and wants to keep everything under control

Rooster Is Crowing

Now this is something you’re just going to have to accept

When we think of noise in the morning, the first thing that comes to mind is a rooster crowing early in the morning!

The bad news is, it’s not just morning but this can happen throughout the whole day

Tips On How To Reduce Chicken Noise In The Morning

If you’ve gotten complaints from neighbors about the noise your chickens are making in the morning it can be stressful

Thankfully, there’s ways you can reduce

This won’t stop the noise completely as chickens make noise

But it will reduce it

That’s the best you can do

      • Insulating the coop is a great way of reducing noise coming from the coop. Just make sure there’s good ventilation
      • Consider buying a plastic coop as this has insulated walls
      • Get up extra early and let your chickens out before they make noise! This will help them stop getting frustrated in the coop as you’ll let them out as soon as possible
      • Getting up early in the morning can be difficult especially if sunrise is at 5am! So what you can do is buy an automatic coop door that will do the job for you
      • If it’s possible, put the coop away as far as possible from neighbors

These are some ways you can reduce chicken noise in the morning

You can’t stop other noises like egg laying because this is natural and part of a chickens behavior

You can reduce the noise from the coop but as any chicken owner will tell you, chicken noise is something you’ll have to accept

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What Are The Loudest Chicken Breeds?

All chickens are loud regardless of breed!

You won’t get a chicken that is quiet and won’t make noise

If there was a breed(s) to avoid then according to omlet.co.uk you might want to avoid the Orpingtons (all types) and the Poland (polish) breed

What Time Do Chickens Wake Up?

If you want to get up before your chickens do or you want to be up as soon as your chickens are up you’d want to know what time chickens wake up

Chickens usually get up as soon as the sun rises

This can range between 4 and 7am

Of course the sun rising depends on the season and location

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Wrapping Up

Chickens make noise in the morning for a number of reasons

This could be because they want to get out of their coop, they’re hungry or a chicken is laying an egg

There are ways to reduce the noise coming from within the coop

But ultimately, you can’t stop chickens making noise as it’s in their nature

For example a chicken laying an egg will make lots of noise because this is natural for them


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