Where Do Free Range Chickens Lay Their Eggs

In this article we’re going to talk about Where do free range chicken lay their eggs 

We’ll also talk about how often chicken lay eggs

Do chickens lay eggs anywhere?

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Where Do Free Range Chickens Lay Their Eggs?

A free range chicken would lay their eggs pretty much anywhere

How does this happen?

It’s because they have access to the outdoors and get to roam around

This means they will lay eggs anywhere outdoors

This leads me to my next point

Can Chickens Lay Eggs Anywhere?

Yes chickens can lay their eggs anywhere

They don’t necessarily need a nesting box

Especially a chicken that is free range

Because they have access to the outdoors they would lay their eggs anywhere

Here’s the tricky part though

It can be difficult finding the eggs


Because they would tend to hide them from predators and other chickens

Let’s look at some of the reasons why a chicken would lay their eggs everywhere

Why Are Chickens Laying Eggs Everywhere?

Chickens would lay their eggs everywhere for a number of reasons

Young Hens Have Just Started Laying Eggs 

If a young hen has just started laying eggs be prepared to find eggs everywhere

Because they are new to laying eggs, they don’t know where to lay eggs or they need time to decide where to lay eggs

Which is why they would randomly lay eggs anywhere

Young hens also need time to learn how to use the nesting box to lay eggs

The good thing is young hens will eventually learn how to use the nesting box once they get used to laying

Here’s the bad news – Some hens would prefer laying in different spots of their choice instead of the nesting box

That’s the bad news

But there is good news too

Young hens will make lots of noise when laying eggs so the minute you hear your hens making noise you can assume they’ve laid an egg so you can quickly collect it!

Chickens Are Hiding Their Eggs 

Hens are protective over their eggs which is why they would hide it

They hide it to protect the eggs from predators and other chickens too

Free range hens would usually do this

Nest Box Is Dirty

If the nesting box is dirty your chicken won’t use it

Chickens are very particular about keeping their eggs clean

They also want to lay their eggs in a clean and comfortable dry place

So a dirty nest box will deter your chickens from laying eggs there

They would look for a clean place to lay eggs

You should keep their nesting box clean, dry and comfortable

Not Enough Nesting Boxes

If there is not enough nesting boxes for your chickens they would look to lay their eggs elsewhere

The more egg laying chickens you have the more nesting boxes you’re going to need

You should have one nesting box for 4 to 5 chickens in a flock

Rooster Harassing Chickens

Roosters like to peck on chickens due to their natural courting behavior

It’s something roosters just do

This can make hens run away and look for a safe spot to lay eggs

How Often Do Free-Range Chickens Lay Eggs?

This depends on the breed of the chicken

But usually a chicken would lay one egg a day

Another thing to factor is the hens reproductive cycle

Generally a hens reproductive cycle is about 24 to 27 hours long

This results in a hen laying an egg a day

How Do You Find Where My Chickens Are Laying Their Eggs?

You should have a good look inside your chicken coop

There’s a good chance your chicken has laid an egg in the coop and not the nesting box

You may find an egg in the corner, in the roosting area or even in the middle of the floor

Other places to check is in the hay/straw bales, dog house (If you have a dog), shed

Wrapping Up

Free range chickens would lay their eggs pretty much anywhere because they have access outdoors

If you have nesting boxes then your chickens would lay eggs there

That is if the nesting box is clean and suitable for your chicken to use

A dirty nesting box would deter a chicken from laying eggs there

A free range chicken may hide their eggs to protect them from predators and even other chickens







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