Can Budgies Get Wet In The Rain?

So you left your budgies cage outside as it’s really nice and warm

But all of a sudden it starts to rain!

Question is – Can budgies get wet in the rain? 

Yes budgies can get wet in the rain

This depends on how heavy the rain is

If it is light rain, it shouldn’t affect your bird too much

The feathers on your budgie shed rain and trap air against their bodies to help keep them warm

But if the rain is heavy it can make your budgie really wet which I’m sure your budgie would not like

Heavy rain may even make your bird fall ill

It is best to keep your budgies inside when it is raining

Of course, if the weather is nice, you can keep them outside in their cage

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In this article we’re going to talk about rain and budgies in more detail

Let’s get started!

Are Budgies OK In The Rain?

Budgies are okay out in the rain

You don’t want to put them in the rain when it’s really heavy

If the rain is very light, this should be okay

You will see how much your budgie enjoys these “rain showers”

Another thing to remember is make sure it’s warm outside

At least over 15°C so it’s warm for your budgie to be outside

Don’t keep them too long in the rain

You don’t want them falling ill

Also, make sure it’s safe and your budgies are in their cage

There shouldn’t be any cats or dogs about

What you can do is supervise your budgies when they are outside

What Do Budgies Do In The Rain?

Did you know bird feathers are fairly waterproof

This means when the rain falls on them, it just hits the surface and rolls away without it being absorbed in the skin

This is why light rain is okay for budgies

Budgies or birds in general would fluff up their feathers if it’s light rain to help keep them warm

In heavy rain birds would flatten down their feathers to make them more resistant

Of course your budgie won’t be out in heavy rain!

Can Birds Get Sick In The Rain?

Your budgie won’t get sick in the rain as long as it’s just light showers and they’re not out all day

If it’s cold and it’s raining heavily then yes, your budgie can get sick and develop hypothermia which can actually cause death

That’s why the best thing to do is let your budgie out in the rain if it’s very light for a small amount of time

After all they do enjoy these light rain showers

Do Budgies Get Scared Of The Rain?

Budgies actually enjoy light rain

That is why it’s okay for your budgie to spend a small amount of time outside when it’s light showers

If it’s raining heavy and it’s thundering then your budgie would get scared of the rain due to it being heavy

What Happens If Budgies Get Wet?

Depending how wet they become

If a budgie becomes too wet it can become hard for them to fly about

But a small amount of rain making them wet should not be a cause of concern or anything

If your budgie is wet don’t try to dry them off

They pretty much can dry itself naturally

You just got to make sure the area where they are drying off is warm and their is no cool breeze

Wrapping Up

Budgies can get wet in the rain if they have been out too long and the rain is heavy

Bird feathers are fairly waterproof so water pretty much rolls of their body instead of it being absorbed in their skin

You can keep your budgie outside for a short period of time if it’s raining lightly as I’m sure they would enjoy the rain showers

Do make sure it’s warm outside and it’s not raining heavily or if there is a thunder as this will scare your budgie



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