Why Does My Budgie Walk On The Floor

A budgie is a bird that of course loves to fly

So when you see your budgie walking instead of flying it can make you ask the following question

Why Does My Budgie Walk On The Floor?

The good news is, there’s nothing to worry about

The reason why your budgie likes to walk on the floor can be of many

You see, flying takes energy so foraging on the ground is more easier

It’s normal too

Another reason could be, if you have cats and dogs and they get along well with your budgie,

Maybe your budgie wants to be social and finds it easier to chill with your cat and dog rather than being up high

Another possible reason could be your budgie just does not know how to fly

This could happen if they have been raised away from birds

Flying is a learned behavior in birds

So if your budgie has never had the opportunity to observe and other birds fly

It may just prefer walking instead

I know this can be a bit weird but it is normal for this to happen

Budgies who don’t fly can still be happy

What you should do is make sure they have plenty of time out of the cage with a variety of toys available

If you are worried about your budgie not flying then do check out my article where I go into detail about why budgies won’t fly – Why can’t my budgie fly?

Things To Be Careful Of

If your budgie does walk on the floor

It is very important you don’t have anything on the floor that can choke your budgie or is dangerous

For example wires or small toys like lego

You don’t want your budgie swallowing anything that can be a choking hazard

Always supervise your budgie when they are walking on the floor

If you can’t be there all the time then before letting your budgie out,

Make sure everything that can be a hazard on the floor is picked up

Try to keep wires away and if possible stop your budgie from chewing on the carpet

Do Birds Like Being On The Ground?

Some birds like being on the ground whereas other birds like flying and sitting on high perches

For example,

Birds outside may love the ground and even feeding on the ground


Because naturally in nature, seeds fall onto the ground from flowers

So birds are used to looking on the ground for food

Birds that frequently feed on the ground include

  • Dark-eyes juncos
  • Song Sparrows
  • Spotted towhees
  • Mourning doves
  • Red-winged blackbirds
  • Northern cardinals
  • Bobwhite

I thought I’d mention this if you’re interested knowing that other birds like feeding off the ground

Wrapping Up

Seeing your budgie walk on the floor can be a unusual sight

The good thing is, you got nothing to worry about

Some budgies just don’t like to fly and prefer to walk

Or they want to socialize with other pets in your household

Budgies that don’t fly can still live a happy healthy life

You just got to make sure it is safe on the floor when they are walking about

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