Do Cockatiels Need Grit? 

Birds also include seeds in their diet and it is inevitable to have seeds enclosed in hard husks or shells.

This is why some birds need to have grit in their diet as well to help their body digest these kinds of food material.

However, captive or pet birds, like cockatiels, usually have their food properly served, including seeds.

In that case, should they still have grit as part of their diet? 

Grit comes in two types: soluble and insoluble.

Generally, cockatiels do not need any grit because they tend to remove hard shells in any seeds they eat.

It is only an optional choice for your cockatiel’s diet. 

However, if you decide to include grit in their meals, be sure that it is only in moderation and it is a kind of soluble type.

Some soluble grits can provide nutrients needed to keep your bird healthy, such as calcium.

Insoluble grits should never be included as they can be quite harmful and unnecessary for your cockatiels. 

Is It Safe To Use Grit For My Cockatiel?

Before you decide whether to add grit or not, it is important to know if adding them in your pet’s diet is safe and beneficial.

Adding grit to your cockatiel’s meals is safe as long as it is soluble and it is only given in small to moderate amounts.

Rather than using grit as an aid for digestion, it can just become a potential source of nutrients of your cockatiel. 

Soluble grits like cuttlebone, limestone, and oyster shell can be a great source of calcium for your cockatiels.

It is safe and beneficial to give them to your pet birds once in a while to give them these minerals. 

Insoluble grits, on the other hand, should not be given to your cockatiels as they remain in their gizzards.

Cockatiels do not need insoluble grits as they do not particularly eat hard shells, so there’s nothing to dissolve in the first place.

Your pets may just only suffer from intestinal blockages from this kind of grit. 

How Much Grit Is Needed For My Cockatiel? 

Cockatiels do not particularly need grit in their diet.

Only give your pets small to moderate amounts of soluble grits once in a while.

This will only give the needed nutritional requirement, while keeping your cockatiel safe from adverse effects. 

Giving them too much grit, soluble or insoluble, may cause health problems.

It can lead to digestive problems, and high amounts of grit can potentially damage the intestinal linings of your bird. 

Do Cockatiels Need Cuttlebone? 

Cuttlebone is a great addition to your cockatiel’s diet as it has a high content of calcium and phosphorus.

It is also a soluble grit which is why it is also safe for your birds to receive some amounts of it. 

Calcium is one of the minerals that can be hard to supply for your birds.

Giving your cockatiel a cuttlebone would solve this problem and help your bird’s bone health in its optimum condition. 

Just make sure that you pick a high quality and clean cuttlebone to ensure that there will be no problems in the future concerning their health. 

Do Cockatiels Need Bird Sand? 

Cockatiels do not need bird sand and it is not beneficial for them as well.

Bird sand is typically sand with some grit mixed in it, and it is considered an insoluble type as well.

Cockatiels should not be fed with insoluble grit as it can potentially harm their digestive organs. 

Since cockatiels are capable of removing hard shells in seeds, insoluble grit will just be useless in their body and can become a source of health complications.

If you want to add grit to your bird’s diet, consider soluble ones instead, like cuttlebones. 

What Do Cockatiels Need In Their Cage? 

Giving your precious birds the appropriate cage would also ensure a happy and quality life.

Make sure you provide your cockatiels their cage essentials in order for them to thrive properly.

Naturally, their cage should have high quality, nutritious food and clean water.

The size of their cage must also be wide and spacious enough for your birds as well. 

Other cage essentials to include are treats, toys, bird bath, a variety of perches, and some enrichment items like cuttlebone.

They must also have cage litters and other grooming supplies to keep them happy and healthy. 

Wrapping Up

Not all birds need grit, such as cockatiels.

Grit may be essential for other species to aid in digestion, but since cockatiels have no problems in eating seeds, they won’t need it.

It is only best to give them soluble grits where it can bring a high supply of calcium in their body.

Make sure that you only give your cockatiels small to moderate amounts of soluble grits to prevent any issues.

Insoluble grits must not be considered since it will not bring any benefits to your precious pet. 

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