Why Do Chickens Close Their Eyes When You Pet Them?

Chickens as pets may not be as common compared to other usual pets like dogs and cats.

Most of the people who are not into birds do not see chickens as pets.

However, do you know that these fowls are also capable and deserving of affection?

In fact, there are certain rooster languages that show how much your chicken likes you! 

If you have a chicken in your yard or home, then you might have tried petting them at least once or twice.

Have you noticed their eyes closing whenever you pet them?

That is actually the way of your chickens showing how much they trust you as their owner. 

Question is – Why Do Chickens Close Their Eyes When You Pet Them?

Chickens also close their eyes to show affection and they actually love being petted and being close to you. It is also their way of saying that they enjoy the moment and the feeling of being petted.

Cuddling, hugging, and petting your chicken are great ways to establish a strong bond between the two of you. 

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Do Chickens Like Being Petted? 

In case you don’t know, chickens are actually very affectionate and empathetic.

Like any other pet animals, they also like being petted by their owner.

However, these fowls only allow familiar people to pet and show affection to them.

If your chicken is quite used to you, then you can show them affection through petting.

Just make sure you do it nicely, gently, and calmly to prevent any discomfort.

Chickens love being touched and this actually says a lot about the trust they have towards you. 

Do Chickens Like Being Picked Up? 

Picking up chickens has been one of the most common ways in handling chickens.

While this may seem pretty insignificant to the birds, they actually like being picked up.

This is more special if they know that they are being picked up by their owner.

After all, chickens have great memories and can easily recognize people. 

Still, it is important that you know how to properly pick up your chicken.

Pick your fowl gently and calmly, so they would not feel any distress.

Talk to them softly while doing so to help them calm down and assure that everything is fine. 

Once your chicken gets used to being picked up, it can turn to one of their favorite parts of their day.

Even though they don’t really show it, they always feel relaxed and delighted in your arms. 

If you feel like they don’t like being picked up then it’s best to not pick them up at all

Do Chickens Like Affection? 

Chickens absolutely love affection, especially if they know you are their owner.

Many people have chickens as their pets and they are also known for giving lots of love towards the people they are familiar with. 

There are many ways to express affection to your chicken, such as petting them, picking them up, cuddling them, and even hugs.

If your chicken trusts you, they would not show any aggressive behavior.

Instead, it is likely that they will behave and wait for your touch. 

Showing affection can also be in the form of spending time and playing with them.

After all, chickens are not only meant as a food source, but they can also become great pets and a source of affection. 

How Do You Tell If a Chicken Likes You?

Chickens have their own rooster language for affection.

Though they cannot literally say they like you, love you, and trust you, they have their ways of showing it to you. 

Chickens who are well-behaved and properly taken care of will usually express their love towards their owner.


Actions like rubbing their beak on you, squatting, following you everywhere, and even cuddling with you are just some of their ways to show affection.

If your fowl demonstrates any of these actions, you should return the same affection by giving them calm and gentle pets.

They may also attempt to snuggle or lay on your lap, squat for some pets, and even lay in your lap! 

Remember that chickens only rest and lay their eggs on their nest which they consider their safe space.

If they do this on your lap, it is just their way of directly saying that they completely trust you and they feel safe with you. 

Wrapping Up

Chickens make great, loving pets.

They can feel various emotions and are capable of showing affection to humans too.

There are actions that chickens will do as their way of saying I love you or I like you. 

Closing their eyes, rubbing their beaks on you, following you, and cuddling you are just one of the very few affectionate actions they can do.

Their body language is not only about telling you how much they like you, but it also signifies their trust and comfort they feel for you. 

After reading this, be sure to pay extra attention to your chickens and give the love and affection they deserve from you too! 


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