Baby Cockatiel Always Crying

Taking care of birds has always been fulfilling and a great experience, which are the reasons why there are a lot of bird owners in the world.

Many owners also start taking care of baby birds to start their journey.

Among the common bird pets, cockatiels are always on the list.

But admittedly, taking care of baby cockatiels and other pet birds prove to be really challenging. 

If you have a baby cockatiel, it is not surprising if you feel stressed lately because of their unending cries and noises.

Baby cockatiels will usually (and only) cry for food, and sometimes for attention.

Taking care of baby birds requires tons of work, but they will eventually outgrow this noisy phase as time passes by.

Make sure you feed your young birds with warm, soft, and highly nutritious food to support their growth. 

If you’re a new cockatiel parent and need some advice about baby cockatiels, you’re going to love this article

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Why Is My Baby Cockatiel Always Crying? (In Detail) 

In any animal, babies are expected to always cry simply because they are young, inexperienced, and quite fragile.

This is also the same case for birds, including cockatiels.

Days to week-old cockatiels can only cry as their means of communication to their parent birds and even owners. 

Still, differentiating their cries just to know their needs would be difficult for you.

It is best to know what are the possible reasons why your young cockatiels always cry, so you can at least have a general idea what to do to satisfy their needs.

Asking for food

Young cockatiels usually cry to ask for food.

If you have hand-fed cockatiels, it is important to research and know the general rules to properly take care of them.

After all, they cost a little more of hard work, time, patience, and effort to raise them.

Do not be surprised if your baby cockatiel is always crying every now and then, and would only calm down once you have given them food. 

In general, a 3-week old cockatiel will require about five feeds a day;

4-week old baby cockatiels would need four feeds a day,

And 5-week old baby cockatiels must have at least three feeds daily.

6-week to 7-week old birds would only need two feeds and night feedings respectively per day. 

Asking for attention 

Be careful when handling baby cockatiels, especially when it comes to giving them responses to every behavior.

Young cockatiels would have their never-ending cries to ask for your attention. 

While it is good that you are on alert for their needs, be mindful that they might associate crying is an effective way to seek your attention. 

How Do You Calm a Baby Cockatiel? 

Baby cockatiels will usually be a bit more needy, leading them to produce loud cries.

They will either cry for food or for your attention, so calming them might not really be that difficult. 

Taking care of a baby cockatiel requires patience, time, and effort.

This not only includes their feeding time and playing time, but also calming them down when they are crying or throwing tantrums.  

To calm a baby cockatiel, it is best to just give what they are asking from you. 

If they are crying because they are hungry, feed them highly nutritious and soft bird food to pacify them.

Make sure you also provide clean water and a warm place to make them feel satisfied and comfortable. 

If your baby cockatiel cries to catch your attention, it is best that you address this kind of behavior.

Letting them realize that crying would give them rewards and your attention can potentially turn into a behavioral concern in the future.

You can try to give them some forms of entertainment instead to calm them down. 

Why Is My Baby Cockatiel Squeaking? 

Squeaking noises among baby birds may also be their feeding cries.

However, squeaking may also be just one of the natural cockatiel behaviors, especially at a very young age. 

If your cockatiel is eating well and has no other concerning issues with the way they eat, rest, and their overall health, then your cockatiel might just also be attempting to do vocalizations.

There are also instances where owners notice that cockatiels squeak to ask for some pets and head scratches. 

Wrapping Up

Taking care of baby cockatiels is fun, but a wild bird-owning experience.

They may cry, squeak, and make noises a lot since they are generally too young for everything.

If your baby cockatiel cries a lot, it might be their way to ask for food or attention from you.

Either way, it is best to calm your cockatiel and attend to their needs as always.

Feed them soft, nutritious food to help their growth.

Try to also give them toys and other forms of entertainment to limit the attention-seeking noises. 


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