Do Chickens Like Hugs?

Forget hugging a chicken

It’s sort of impossible to catch them!

Jokes aside, question is – Do chickens like hugs?

I think it’s important to understand that not all chickens are the same

Some chickens will allow you to pick them up and handle them – gently of course

Others won’t let you touch them let alone hold them!

Hugging a chicken is tricky

They are soft and I’m sure it’s not something they would enjoy

Yes, you can pet them and maybe hold them

But hugging them may take it a bit too far

Is It Okay To Hug a Chicken?

This really depends on your chicken

It even depends on the breed too

Your chicken may love to be picked up

Whereas the other chickens simply won’t allow it

Personally, it’s best to not hug your chicken

I mean yes they are cuddly and soft but I don’t think they would enjoy being hugged

They’re not cats or dogs

It would be best to just stick with petting them and stroking them

If your chicken does like hugs then maybe just a short one and not too long

You know how much your chicken will tolerate more than anyone else

Remember, every chicken is different

Do Chickens Like To Cuddle?

This again depends on the breed and personality of your chickens

Some chickens would love to sit on your lap

Others won’t come near you

It’s best to let them be

Yes, if you need to administer medication you may need to cuddle them, where they got no choice but to cuddle

But a chicken that likes to cuddle can be rare especially a chicken that would love to cuddle for a long time

Do Chickens Show Affection To Humans?

Yes they do!

Chickens do show affection to humans

They are signs you can look out for to see if your chicken is showing you some love

Here’s some cute signs your chicken is showing you affection

Following You Everywhere

If you notice your chickens following you everywhere, this can usually be taken as a sign they want food!

But this is not always the case

You may notice your chickens following you even if you’re just walking along the chicken coop fence

You can take this as a sign your chicken loves you!

Rub Their Beaks On You Or Jumps On Your Lap 

Some chicken owners say their chickens love rubbing their beaks on your face, neck, face or legs

Obviously if you’re squatting down so your chicks can reach you

Other chicken parents have said their chickens love rucking their head under the hair when they bent down to give a little cuddle

Screams At You Or Tries To Get Under Your Feet 

Have you ever noticed your chicken screaming at you

No they’re not always demanding food!

It’s their way of communicating with you what they’re feeling

Lays An Egg On Your Lap 

If your chicken lays an egg on your lap you can think of this as sign of trust!

They Bring You Gifts 

Some chicken parents have said their chickens bring their gifts!

What gifts did they bring?

I’ll let you imagine what they can carry in their beaks!

Can I Kiss My Chicken?

You shouldn’t kiss your chickens because this can spread diseases such as salmonella

Which is why it’s also important to note you shouldn’t snuggle with your chickens too

What Kinds Of Chickens Like To Be Held?

Have you heard of the Silkie chicken?

They are very fluffy and pretty much the cuddliest chickens out there!

They are very calm and friendly

They love treating humans as part of their flock which makes them the friendliest chicken breed for pets

Here’s a list of 18 friendliest chicken breeds

  1. Silkie Chicken
  2. Plymouth Rock Chicken
  3. Speckled Sussex Chicken
  4. Buff Orpington Chicken
  5. Rhode Island Red Chicken
  6. Cochin Chicken
  7. Wyandotte Chicken
  8. Australorp Chicken
  9. Easter Egger Chicken
  10. Faverolle Chicken
  11. Jersey Giant Chicken
  12. Brahma Chicken
  13. White Leghorn Chicken
  14. Polish chicken
  15. Star Chicken
  16. Barbu D’Uccles Chicken
  17. Sultan Chicken
  18. Sebright Chicken

There you have it

18 friendly chickens!

I mentioned the Jersey giant and the Brahma Chicken

They are very big chickens!

I have written a very in-depth article talking about the differences between the two and I think you would find it interesting so do have a read

Jersey Giant vs Brahma 

Wrapping Up

Some chicken breeds may like hugs whereas others won’t let you go near them

All chickens have different personalities

You can pet chickens but hugging them is a different thing

I don’t think they would appreciate a hug or maybe just a small one

You know your chickens better than anyone

You can make the judgement whether they like hugs or just to be petted


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