Can You Keep Birds In The Kitchen?

As bird owners, it is a part of bird’s care to maintain interaction and establish a perfect bond with pet birds.

Most of the time, we would love them to perch on and be with us while we are doing our daily activities.

While interaction is great to keep your birds happy and entertained, one thing that you must avoid is to bring your bird in the kitchen.


Never ever put your birds in the kitchen because of the presence of many hazards in the area.

Fumes can enter your bird’s lungs and cause them an extremely severe complication.

Remember that their respiratory systems are highly vulnerable to fumes, so don’t bring your bird when cooking.

Kitchen is also the area where there are a lot of toxic foods for birds that they may eat.

It is highly advisable to put your birds away in a separate room whenever you have to go to the kitchen. 

Can I Put My Bird In The Kitchen? (In Detail)

Absolutely not.

Do not put your bird in the kitchen or anywhere near the area.

Kitchen is not the safest area for your birds due to the hazards that could seriously harm your pet.

Avoid letting your bird go near the area as well, since they might also inhale some smoke which would seriously damage their lungs.

As you know, the respiratory system of birds is highly sensitive.

Small fumes or smoke whenever you are cooking could lead them to various respiratory diseases or suffocation.

There are many more suitable places where you can place their cage, such as the living room or bedroom. 

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Should Birds Be In The Kitchen?

Birds, no matter what species, should never be in the kitchen.

Do not introduce the kitchen area as a place where they can rest, settle, or fly about

There are a lot of things in the kitchen area that could pique the interest of your birds.

While it could entertain them, these things might also become harmful to them.

Foods are stored in the kitchen as well, and not all human foods are bird-friendly.

In fact, aside from some vegetables and fruits, most processed human foods are toxic to your birds.

Some of these foods are onions, garlic, chocolates, coffee, salt, and tea. 

Cooking will also emit smoke and fumes which will seriously put your pet in danger.

Kitchen appliances will pose as hazardous objects if your bird is flying freely in the area.

Spillage can also damage their skin and feathers which could also cause discomfort.

Is It Safe To Cook Around Birds?

Cooking releases fumes that are certainly toxic to birds.

When your birds accidentally inhale the smoke, it could possibly damage their lungs quickly.

Their respiratory system is highly sensitive that could potentially cause diseases, discomforts, and complications when they get exposed to smoke.

Another reason why it is not safe to cook around the birds is the temperature-change.

Cooking will cause the room temperature to rise.

The heat will also cause discomfort to your birds, especially with the sudden change in temperature. 

The hot kitchen appliances may also become harmful to your pets when they attempt to fly.

It could burn their feathers and skin, and leave a burn.

Can I Use My Oven Around My Bird?

Using a self-cleaning oven will kill your birds.

If you are using a normal or regular oven, it is still recommended to keep your birds away from it.

Other kitchen appliances, especially those with Teflon coating or non-stick surfaces are the most fatal among all.

This is because they release the fumes that will surely put your pet in danger.

If you want to use your oven or other appliances, it is best to keep your birds away from the room.

Do not let them get near you even after your chore to ensure their safety.

Let the fumes, smoke, and other toxic substances in the air vanish first. 

As you can see, it’s very important you don’t allow your birds to come in the kitchen

If you are to do some cooking then it would be best to keep your pet bird in their cage

That way you know they are safe and have no chance of flying into the kitchen

Wrapping Up

Do not ever keep your birds in the kitchen, or they will seriously suffer from lots of pain.

Fumes, toxic foods, and uncomfortable room temperature may cause serious discomfort and other health concerns to your bird.

Kitchen is not the safest place for them, so it is better to keep your birds away whenever you have to go in this area.

Put their cage in the living room or any other safe rooms where they could get a comfortable living environment and fresh air. 


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