How To Stop Crows Nesting In Chimney?

Having a chimney in the house is considered necessary for a lot of families out there.

It is great not being able to feel so stressed out about the smoke in the house whenever someone’s cooking.

It will remain problem-free most of the time, not until birds begin nesting in your chimney.

Crows are common visitors around the neighborhood.

They can literally be everywhere in the vicinity: high trees, roofs, and sometimes even in chimneys!

The problem, however, starts when these crows try to establish their nest in your chimney

So – How Do You Stop Crows Nesting In Your Chimney?

To combat this, many people install a chimney cover to stop these birds from creating their nests.

Some also install additional precautions such as bird spikes, sound-emitting devices, and other bird deterrents.

How Do I Get Rid Of Crows In My Chimney? (3 Ways)

Crows, and even other birds, love to build their nests around chimneys.

Aside from it providing a good location to protect themselves from predators, chimneys are also warm which is highly attractive for birds.

However, nests impose a huge problem in your chimneys.

Here’s how you can get rid of crows away from them: 

1. Install Chimney Caps

The best and quick way to address crows nesting in your chimney is to install a cap.

Chimney caps prevent any birds from building nests inside your chimney as it is built with protective mesh around it. 

It will also protect your chimney from any other animals and stop the rain from entering your house. 

2. Bird spikes 

Installing bird spikes around and in your chimney would certainly prevent the crows in building their nests inside.

After all, they would know that these spikes can harm them, or at least the thought that it can.

In reality, bird spikes are not really harmful for them, but they do make your roof and chimney uncomfortable to rest on.

3. Bird scares decoy

Putting a fake bird decoy would also keep the crows away from your chimney.

Try installing other bird predators, such as owls or hawks.

When crows see these decoys, they would keep in mind that the area should be avoided. 

Do Crows Nest In Chimney Pots?

Alongside with other birds, crows nest in chimney pots.

The reason for this is because crows are attracted to build their nests on them, given its security and warmth.

This is also true for other birds as well that seek appropriate shelter to settle.

Chimney pots often act as great shelter against other bird predators.

Crows naturally feel secure and think that their young will be entirely safe.

Since chimney directs smoke out of the house, it is natural to be a little warm which is ideal for these birds 

However, bird nests pose a great problem for you.

Given how nests are usually made up of twigs, it can set a fire.

This will immediately cause an extreme danger for your family, house, and for these birds as well.

Hence, it is recommended to remove bird nests in your chimney. 

Can I Smoke Birds Out Of My Chimney?

Smoking the birds out seems to be the most effective and convenient way to get rid of them, right?

While this may be the case, you would only give yourself more trouble if you do this.

Never attempt to smoke the birds out of your chimney, even if they are causing you lots of problems. 

Smoking the birds out would surely suffocate, stress them out, and eventually kill them.

Cruelty aside, it can be illegal to smoke them out.

After all, if the bird is one of the protected species in your country, you may even be legally sued for it.

Similarly, you can’t simply remove any nesting birds, so you have to wait for them to evacuate. 

Another reason why you should not smoke them out of your chimney is because it can become a fire hazard for you and for the birds.

Given how their nests are made up of combustible materials, it can easily start a fire in your home. 

So smoking a bird out of the chimney is a no!

What Kind Of Birds Build Nests In Chimney?

Most birds build their nests in chimneys as they deem it comfortable, warm, and safe.

However, there are birds that are considered to be the most common inhabitants of chimneys.

Such birds are jackdaws, rooks, starlings, crows, and most especially, chimney swifts.

These birds are often spotted to build nests inside a house chimney.

Most of the time, they are considered to be pests given how much trouble they give to house owners. 

Wrapping Up

Birds, such as crows, love to build their nests on chimneys.

Most of the birds that prefer to settle inside the chimney pots are jackdaws, rooks, crows, starlings, and chimney swifts.

The reason for this is because chimneys are warm and give safe, protected shelter for these birds. 

Smoking these birds out of your chimney is a big no.

It will only worsen the situation, so it is advisable to put bird deterrents in your roof and cover your chimney with a cap. 


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