Do Budgies Lay Eggs Without Mating?

One exciting part of taking care of birds, like parakeets, is the time when they are reproducing and laying eggs already.

Some owners are really open in making their bird family bigger and let their precious birds lay eggs.

However, not all eggs are guaranteed to bring new family members.

This is an important information to know, especially if you are a new bird parent 

Parakeets’ eggs may be fertilized or unfertilized, depending on the circumstances.

Do you know that your budgies can lay eggs even without a mate?

If you only have a single budgie or a flock with pure female parakeets, it is important to know that they may still be laying eggs even without mating.

Of course, the egg will not hatch as it is not fertilized.

Hence, it is best that you also know the possible implications of laying eggs without mating. 

Sound interesting?

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Do Single Female Budgies Lay Eggs?

Female budgies are still capable of laying eggs without any mates.

Egg production is not based on the occurrence of mating among birds.

Whether your female budgie mated with male budgies or not, she can still form her eggs as long as her hormones have been activated. 

Of course, female budgies that have laid eggs even without mating would only have unfertilized eggs.

You should not expect them to hatch and bring a new baby chick to life.

Eggs will only be possible to fertilize with the help of male parakeets, but the egg production will depend on your female parakeet. 

In case your female budgie laid her own clutch, be aware that there are possible triggers of her hormones.

Environmental and social factors can be considered, such as light cycle and intimate petting. 

Can Birds Lay Eggs Without Being Fertilized?


Birds can lay eggs without being fertilized.

Egg production without mating is one common reason why this happens, and it is also because female birds might have experienced something that triggered their hormones needed for producing eggs.

There are many possible reasons why female birds become sexually activated and are leaning towards reproductive behaviors.

Most of the triggers are the things we do whenever we are interacting with them. 

Seasonal changes

Most common reason is the increase in daylight hours.

Parakeets often reproduce during springtime, so whenever you expose them to more daylight, the more likely they will produce eggs. 

Inappropriate pair bonding or handling

Be careful whenever you are interacting with your female bird as your touch can potentially trigger their egg production too.

The way we rub and touch them, as well as the location of our petting can be interpreted as mating behavior of your bird.

Make sure you only pet them around their head to minimize this risk.

Having access to nesting sites

Your budgie will also lay eggs if they have access to appropriate nesting sites.

These can be a cardboard box, bird tents, kitchen cabinets, and other places where they can lay their eggs. 

Do Budgies Sit On Unfertilized Eggs?

Unfertilized eggs will never hatch, so it is best to remove them from the clutch.

However, do not be too reckless and remove them right away after your bird has laid them.

Even though they are infertile, your female budgies will still sit and attempt to nest them.

Removing them too early will only cause your parakeets to produce more eggs.

Such a thing can only bring complications to your precious birdie

Remove the unfertilized eggs when your bird shows no further interest in them, to ensure that it won’t encourage her to lay another clutch.

How Do I Stop My Budgie From Laying Eggs? 

While egg laying among birds is something to be celebrated for some owners, it is not a good thing when it has become excessive.

After all, egg laying takes a lot of toll on your female parakeet’s overall health.

Here are some of the ways to stop your budgie from laying eggs:

Control the light exposure of your bird

Any parrots, like parakeets, will lay eggs if they are being exposed to a lot of daylight.

Doing so would let them think that it is already springtime and it is time for egg production. 

Don’t give them nesting boxes

Nesting boxes would encourage your birds to nest and lay eggs, regardless whether they have mates or none.

Only give them appropriate housing, but not necessarily something that they can use as a nest.

Be careful when touching them 

You surely love petting and interacting with your budgie, like any other owners.

However, be sure that you only touch them around their head.

Avoid petting them on their sensual areas like vent and wings as it can trigger their hormones.

What Age Do Budgies Lay Eggs? 

Egg laying can be pretty common among budgies.

Mating season can last and happen in any season, but it definitely comes in cycles.

If you are interested in breeding your budgies, keep in mind that they still need to be controlled and monitored to keep them healthy.

Budgies can breed and lay eggs as long as they reach sexual maturity.

This is typically between 3 to 5 months of age.

However, letting them breed and produce eggs as young as those ages could lead to potential complications.

It is best to have your budgies mate and lay eggs once they are a little bit older, at least 10 months old or above.

Wrapping Up

Female budgies can still lay eggs even without a mate.

After all, their egg production relies on their hormones, not on their mating season.

Your parakeets may produce eggs due to various environmental and social factors.

Still, this will only result in a clutch of unfertilized eggs, so it is better to discourage them from doing this to keep them healthy. 


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