Why Are Crows Pecking On My Roof?

Crows are usually unwelcome visitors in one’s household.

These birds are commonly known for their pesky, clever attacks and troubles.

Many people regard crows as nuisance.

They are infamous for ruining vehicles, eating and stealing food, and even waking up the entire neighborhood with its loud caws.

These intelligent black birds do not only cause trouble through these methods.

They are also good at causing trouble by constantly pecking on roofs. 

Crows pecking on roofs not only create annoying tap noises, but they could also potentially damage it.

These black birds can eat a variety of foods: grains, insects, plants, nuts, and even other animals.

Question is – Why are crows pecking on your roof?

They peck on your roof as they are most likely trying to crack nuts that they are trying to eat.

It is also possible that these crows are looking for any insects living on your roofs, hence the pecking and tapping noises. 

Why Is a Crow Tapping On My Roof? (In More Detail)

Why Are Crows Pecking On My Roof? 

Crows tap and peck on your roof to crack nuts.

They see roofs as the perfect tool to crack nuts open as they can’t really do it with their beaks and talons alone.

Nuts are pretty easy to find, and these birds would surely go for it to eat them. 

It is probably worth it to see if someone around your area also feeds crows with nuts.

Sadly enough, they will most likely bang on the roofs to eat them, causing potential damage to your home.

Cracking nuts is not the only reason why crows tap your roof.

They are also most likely searching for any potential food on them, such as insects.

Some birds also use roofs to store their food or drop them accidentally when they are flying, attracting these black birds even more. 

So now how do you get rid of crows from your roof?

Carry on reading and find out

How To Get Rid Of Crows On Roof? 

Getting rid of crows and preventing them from staying on your house roof might be really pretty challenging for you.

After all, it is not easy to shoo them away from staying up high in your home.

Roofs are also large enough to be protected and covered. 

However, many people also deal with the same kind of problem and come up with a solution to successfully drive them away. 

It is best to put fake decoys of predatory birds and other animals on your roof.

Some effective decoys are snakes or owls as these animals can be considered as crows’ mortal enemies.

You should also try to hang a fake dead crow which will certainly alarm the crows trying to stay on your roof. 

If crows see a dead companion, it will make them think that the area is dangerous and should be avoided as much as possible.

They will think that a dangerous predator is lurking around the area, urging them to fly and stay away from your property. 

Can Crows Ruin Your Roof? (Should You Be Worried?) 

Crows are not only intelligent, but they are also large and strong birds.

Damaging your roof with their long, sturdy beaks is a piece of cake to them.

These crows are capable of destroying clay tile roofs, tearing away the layers of shingles, waterproof construction, and underlay. 

These crows will certainly cause damage to your housing which would really be hard to ignore.

They might also ruin the roof decking and paint of your house roof.

Of course, the damage that these crows make would force you to shed money to repair the property. 

What Will Keep Crows Away? 

There are still several ways to keep the crows away.

Even though they are persistent, you can still shoo them away, and prevent these birds from damaging any of your property.

Here are the three things that usually prevent any crows to foster in your area:

1. Fake decoys of predatory animals 

While crows often have a lot of prey, they can still be considered as prey for other wild animals.

Putting fake decoys of their predators and enemies, such as snakes, owls, or hawks will significantly help in driving these birds away. 

2. Hang a fake dead crow 

Installing a fake dead crow on your roof or other areas in your home would surely keep the real thing away.

Make sure you install the fake crow upside down with their wings widely spread.

This is pretty effective as crows will really think that their dead comrade died because of a lurking danger in the area. 

3. Sound-emitting devices 

Putting a device that emits distress calls would prevent crows, and even other birds, from staying around your area.

Loud sounds will disperse the flock as distress calls are high-pitched sounds for birds that they only hear when there is a predator.

Having this kind of device would make these birds think that the area is a territory of an enemy and will flag it as a dangerous zone. 

Maybe you can even befriend a crow

You never know that may help!

Interested in being friends with a crow, have a read of my article – How to befriend a crow?

Wrapping Up

Crows often cause trouble to people.

Things like pecking on the car, stealing food, ruining the plants and garden, and even pecking on roofs are just common annoyances they bring.

These are usually the reasons why crows are considered as troublemakers and a nuisance. 

They peck on roofs because they are trying to crack the shells of the nuts.

They are also likely looking for any potential sources of food, such as insects.

Tapping on your roofs would certainly cause some damage, so it is better to do certain actions to keep these crows away. 


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