Will Seagulls Attack Chickens?

Seagulls are also considered omnivorous birds and they will surely eat anything they think they can eat.

Whether its natural prey food, human food, and small birds, seagulls may attack in an attempt for food hunting.

Chickens, on the other hand, are more into eating pellets, vegetables, and even fruits.

They also become prey for other predators in the wild, but does this include seagulls? 

While seagulls can be aggressive, they won’t necessarily attack chickens especially for the sake of food hunting.

It is more likely that seagulls will attack them if these poultry birds mistakenly attacked or occupied their territories.

Seagulls do attack other birds for the sake of defending their nests and young against predators.

After all, they are highly protective of their chicks and really attentive and caring parents.

Other than that, they may only attack small birds and nestlings for food. 

Will Seagulls Eat Chicken? 

Chickens are still prey animals in the wild, but as far as seagulls are concerned, they won’t eat chickens.

Coastal areas are the habitat of the gulls, so they mostly eat things washed up on the shore, grains, berries, fruits, and even small animals.

They may attack chickens only for other purposes like defending their territories or stealing food. 

However, this is only assuming that the word “chicken” is pertaining to the poultry bird everyone knows.

After all, humans have chicken as their food – the one that is processed or cooked already.

Will seagulls eat chicken, the human food?


There are cases. 

Researchers from University of the West of England found out that urban seagulls that have adapted to the city environment and human community developed a liking for eating human food!

Their study revealed that most gulls in the city liked eating dropped and wasted food, including pork ribs and chickens. 

One predator you have to be wary of is Hawks – They hunt and eat chickens

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Another predator you have be wary of is crows

They won’t eat chickens but they would steal their eggs and food

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Are Seagulls Aggressive? 

Seagulls are generally harmless, but they can also be aggressive.

They would often attack humans, birds, and other animals when they are trying to protect their territories.

Gulls have always been aggressive when it comes to protecting their chicks, like any other birds. 

Though there are instances that gulls become aggressive such as harassing birds and humans to secure food.

These coastal birds, especially those that adapted to the human environment, may attempt to steal food from people.

They can also scare other birds that have access to food sources to secure it for themselves. 

Do Seagulls Kill Other Birds? 

Seagulls are natural and classic scavengers.

When they are hungry, they would really go for anything they can get and eat with their beaks.

This includes fish, insects, human food, and other prey animals like other birds. 

Gulls attack and kill smaller or more vulnerable birds for food hunting and foraging.

These birds are opportunistic predators as well.

They can also kill chicks and young birds mercilessly to satisfy their hunger. 

Killing other birds may also happen if gulls are trying to protect their nests and chicks.

Generally speaking, seagulls are extremely caring, attentive, and protective parents.

Anyone and anything they deemed as a threat to their chicks would definitely be attacked and killed by them. 

Do Seagulls Eat Other Birds’ Eggs? 

As mentioned, these gulls are opportunistic scavengers.

If they think that a nest can easily be attacked, they would aim for the eggs or the chicks and eat them.

They are not really picky eaters and they will eat anything that can be eaten. 

This is also primarily the reason why gulls are so protective of their nests.

Many gulls’ nests have fallen to other seagulls’ beaks.

They are omnivorous birds that can eat anything, so they know that their own chicks are the most vulnerable prey and options for food. 

Wrapping Up

Seagulls are one of the clever and tricky birds.

They are also great predators for other animals and would not hesitate to attack if needed.

Gulls usually prey on smaller birds and other birds’ nests and chicks. 

Some seagulls have adapted to the human lifestyle and may sometimes eat human food like chicken.

People claim that these coastal birds are now also capable of stealing food making them a nuisance to others. 

So be wary if you have some food in your hand and seagulls are flying about!

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