Parrot Keeps Shaking Head 

As a bird owner, there are certain behaviors that parrots or even birds do that throw us off in confusion.

You would never know if your parrot is doing something out of contentedness, happiness, or anything related to discomfort.

One particular behavior that is considered common among parrots is their head shaking. 

Shaking or bobbing head can be a sign of many possible reasons for parrots.

It could mean they are angry, hungry, or other positive emotions such as affection, excitement, and a craving for attention from you.

Determining the body language of your parrot is essential to know what their needs are and will enable you to attend to them.

While they can vocally communicate, it is vital for bird owners to figure out the actions of your feathered friends. 

So let’s look at the possible reasons your parrot is shaking their head in more detail

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Possible Reasons Your Parrot Keeping Shaking His Head 

There are many possible reasons why your parrot keeps shaking his head.

It could mean something bad or good, depending on your bird.

Hence, it is important for you to always know the personality of your bird, so you can have an idea behind their body language. 

But as a heads up, here are some possible reasons behind the head shaking of a parrot:

1. Anger and annoyance 

Parrots shake and bob their heads to express anger or annoyance.

Once they have seen something they hate or deemed as annoying, they will likely shake their head in response.

Likewise, they can also bob their head whenever they are not happy, such as getting too little interaction and affection from you. 

2. Hunger 

If you notice, your parrots will shake and bob their head whenever it is feeding time.

These birds shake their heads to ask for some food from their owners.

It is a good sign to remember to know the status of your precious birds, such as when and when they are not feeling hungry.

3. They want to interact, bond, and have attention 

Head bobbing is among the parrot’s behavior closely related to giving affection.

Sometimes, you would see your precious bird shaking their head to you.

This is not your parrot saying its disapproval of you as their owner, but they may actually want to interact and bond with you, craving your attention.

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4. They are excited 

Parrots are like humans that can feel a variety of emotions.

When they are excited, they would bob and shake their heads to show it.

This is also a good sign that your bird is happy, contented, and relaxed. 

How Can You Stop This Behavior? (Should You & Is It Possible?) 

Shaking their head is a completely normal behavior, but not when it is becoming excessive.

Some parrots shake their heads as if there’s water in their ears.

If you notice any signs of discomfort, it is better to consult a veterinarian to make sure if there are any health issues, like infections.

That way it can be treated asap!

You can also stop this behavior by simply attending to their needs.

When they shake their head because they want interactions or food, simply giving them what they need would stop this behavior. 

If it has become nonstop, try to give signs of discouragement to your parrot whenever they do this.

You can also seek some advice from your veterinarian to stop this behavior when it’s becoming uncontrollable. 

Should You Be Worried If Your Parrot Keeps Shaking Their Head?

There’s nothing to worry about if your parrot keeps shaking their head, unless any more signs of distress are present.

Parrots naturally shake their head in response to their emotions such as anger or excitement. 

They also shake their head when they want food or attention from you.

Head shaking is not commonly related to any serious concerns, such as illnesses.

However, if your pet bird shakes their head excessively as if they want to get rid of something in their head, it is best to consult a veterinarian to clear any health issues. 

Why Your Parrot Bobs Their Head? 

Parrots bob their heads to express their emotions.

Some also claim that head bobbing is a sign of attention-seeking behavior which is naturally common as these birds are affectionate in nature. 

Understanding why your parrot bobs their head is important to ease worries, know when something’s wrong, and to simply give the proper care and need of the bird.

All in all, head bobbing is common not just in parrots, but in any other bird species. 

Wrapping Up

When parrots shake or bob their head, it is because they are feeling excited, delighted, and sometimes, a way for them to express their annoyance.

You may also witness them doing this behavior when it’s their feeding time or they want to get your attention. 

Head shaking is a normal parrot behavior. There’s no usually concerning issues that are directly related to it in any way.

Still, understanding what your parrot needs, their feelings, and even what they want to express would be a great way to ensure they are living a good and happy life. 


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