Can Parrots Die Of Depression? 

Humans are not the only living things on Earth that can feel emotions, animals too.

You might think that you’re giving your bird a great life by providing their needs, but it might not be enough 

If you have a parrot that seems to be lonely and depressed, what could you possibly do?

This concerning situation might make every bird owner wonder,

Can parrots die of depression?

Parrots are extremely clever birds, and they’re also capable of feeling different emotions such as sadness.

Parrots can die of depression because this kind of mental and emotional state among birds could lead to other changes.

Loss of appetite, plucking feathers, extreme feeling of stress, and other concerning behaviors might lead to the death of your precious pet. 

Do Parrots Get Depressed? 

Parrots can feel extreme sadness, loneliness, and depression because of many different reasons.

Just like humans, there are factors why your parrot could feel utterly miserable.

It is important to note that common reasons are due to sudden change in their environment or routine. 

Here are some of the common reasons of depression among parrots: 

1. Sickness 

When your parrot is feeling ill, it will cause a sudden drop in the mood of your parrot.

Lethargic, uncomfortable feeling, and pain will most likely disrupt their behavior and interrupt their day-to-day living.

In most cases, loss of appetites, being uninterested in interactions, and other concerning behavior can cause them to feel depressed as well. 

2. Change Of Routine 

It is not good to change the routine of how you take care of your birds suddenly.

Changing the time you spend playing with them, their feeding time, and their sleeping schedule could confuse and disrupt their mood.

It will inevitably cause them stress, which might lead to depression. 

3. Unsuitable Living Environment 

If you think that a change in their lifestyle and health could be the only reason for depression, the living environment of your parrot can also be a factor.

If their cage is near the window where they can be exposed to different night terrors, it can lead to anxious and frightened birds.

Same goes with a cage placed in a high temperature and exposed to mean nearby caged birds. 

Putting the bird cage in the house is a very important decision!

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4. Death Of Their Friend

Just like humans, parrots also grieve and mourn.

A mated parrot will feel extremely sad once their mate dies.

Loneliness and boredom could also sprout from the death of their mate, which can eventually lead to depression of your parrot. 

How Do You Know If Your Parrot Is Sad? 

Fortunately enough, your parrot will not die so suddenly because of depression without any visible symptoms first.

So let’s look at the symptoms you need to keep an eye on which will help you recognize if your parrot is not happy

This way, you can quickly spot the signs and take action!

Loss Of Appetite 

Parrots that eat less than usual or do not eat at all could be a sign of a sick or depressed parrot.

Loss of appetite is a common sign between birds that experience concerning matters.

It could also be associated with not just depression, but also health problems like infections, kidney disease, digestive problems. 

It would be a good idea to get a check up done at the vets

Fluffed-up Feathers

Birds that have their feathers fluffed-up could be a sign of sickness or depression.

This can also be a sign of fear, anger, and aggression that can still become factors to a lonely and stressed bird. 

Excessive Vocalization 

While parrots can be amazing talkers, they might express extreme annoying vocalizations when they are depressed.

This includes squawking, screaming, screeching, and hissing which can be really unpleasant for you and other birds. 

Now that we know the signs

Let’s look at how you can help your parrot out and keep them happy

How To Cheer Up a Depressed Parrot? 

It is natural as bird owners to try and do everything to cheer their depressed birdie

If you deemed your parrot to be depressed and you’ve been noticing some impending signs of depression, it is best to cheer them up. 

First, identify as best as you can the reasons why your parrot is feeling sad.

It could have something to do with their environment, their routine, or probably your interaction with them. 

Spend more time with them 

Try to increase playing time with your parrot.

This is to encourage them to interact and feel less lonely.

You can try to play with them, eat with them, or anything you do both find enjoyable.

Invest in toys 

Sometimes, boredom among birds could lead to depression.

Try to make their environment more engaging and interactive with toys.

There are a lot of bird-friendly and parrot-friendly toys suitable for them.

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Talk to your parrot 

Communication is a good treatment for a depressed parrot as well.

Try to engage a conversation, no matter how silly they are, with your parrot.

Petting them, giving them treats, and properly showing love and care for them would alleviate their loneliness and depression. 

You can also teach your parrot funny things to say

A great way of bonding together

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Can Parrots Die From Loneliness? 

Parrots can’t directly die from loneliness, but dying due situations and conditions that may result from being lonely could be possible.

When a parrot is constantly exposed to stress, terrors, loneliness, they might become depressed. 

For instance, loss of appetite could lead to a significant weight loss of your pet.

This would possibly result in different health problems and complications that are fatal for your precious bird

Aggression among birds is also a sign of a lonely or depressed parrot.

Ultimately, they can get wounds or injuries, become vulnerable against infections and parasites, and other concerning problems.

A lonely parrot might not die because of loneliness, but may become extremely susceptible against various fatal problems. 

That is why you should spend quality time with your parrot and also give some out of cage time too

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Wrapping Up

Parrots are extremely clever birds, and they might become too sensitive regarding their emotions.

After all, psychologically speaking, birds are emotionally vulnerable.

A depressed parrot might experience several miserable conditions, stress, and sickness that can lead them to death. 

Make sure you keep an eye on the health of your parrot to ensure that they’re perfectly healthy in every possible way.

If numerous interventions are not effective to cheer your feathered friend, you should consult an avian veterinarian for advice


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