Budgie Died Should I Get Another? 

Probably the worst part of taking care of budgies and other birds is the time where they will leave our side forever.

It is for certain that it is not easy to move on from their death, and it may take time to heal depending on the bond and closeness you two have shared.

Of course, bird owners are not the only ones who grieve for the loss, but also the other budgies they have shared a relationship with. 

Budgerigars are also affectionate birds and they are capable of knowing when their partner is missing or dead.

If your budgie dies, your remaining parakeets, including the partner, will survive the death of your bird.

However, it is not recommended to purchase or adopt a new one just to replace your budgie.

You should not introduce it to your bird family immediately after death, as you need to allow your other parakeets to grieve and mourn the loss.

Let’s get into more detail in this article

How Long Should You Wait Before Adopting Another Budgie? 

Just like humans, a loss of companion or partner leaves a void that is hard to fill in.

Budgies can also feel sadness and emptiness when their bird friend or partner dies.

In most cases, they will grieve and mourn the death of your budgie. 

Hence, it is not advisable to adopt a new budgie immediately after the death of your bird.

There is a high probability that your remaining parakeets will refuse to accept this new bird as they are still in the process of grieving.

Besides, introducing a new parakeet to your family will have to take time as they need to undergo quarantine to make sure that no illnesses can be contracted. 

You should allow time to pass by before adopting another budgie.

Grieving can only be for a few days, weeks, and sometimes even months depending on the weight of your budgies’ relationship with each other.

After all, parakeets are also extremely loyal and affectionate to their partner. 

What To Do If One Of My Budgies Died? 

You have a lot of options to take after your budgie dies, such as cremating it or preserving it.

However, you should now try to shift your attention to your remaining parakeets since they will be affected by their companion’s death. 

After their partner’s death, it is up to you whether you adopt a new one once they have recovered from mourning.

Remember that budgies can survive even after the death of their bird friend.

It will just depend on how you spend your time and how you take care of them to help them cope up in this situation.

Here’s some tips on what to do with your other budgies

Spend Time With Your Budgie

It is best to spend more time with your remaining budgie, so they won’t feel the loneliness at all.

Be sure to interact, play, and be with them during these difficult times.

Do not leave your remaining parakeets alone as they might experience extreme sadness, causing complications like change in behavior. 

Keep Them Entertained

There are various ways to keep your budgies entertained: giving them treats, playing with them, and buying them toys.

Don’t let your remaining parakeets stay in their cage mourning.

Help them cope with the death of their bird companion or partner by keeping them distracted. 

Adopt a New Budgie

Finally, you can also adopt a new budgie once your remaining parakeets have recovered.

Just don’t rush introducing a new one to your parakeets to ensure that they will have no problems in forming a bond. 

How Long Do Budgies Grieve For? 

There is no specific time frame regarding the mourning of budgies.

Some may only take a couple of weeks, while there are birds that need to spend time before they can fully recover.

Depending on the attention, time, and care you give them, it can either be too long or a short period of time. 

You may also notice some changes in their behavior when they are grieving for their partner’s death.

It is crucial that you show them your love and support to help them during these difficult times. 

While parakeets may not die from loneliness, they can suffer and feel a miserable life which you wouldn’t want to happen as their owner. 

4 Tips On How To Introduce a New Budgie To Your Old One 

While it’s sad to lose a pet, time will come that you and your precious bird family have to move forward.

Though you have to remember that adopting a new budgie is not a simple process.

It is not as easy as adopting them and letting them play with your birds as soon as you’re home. 

Here are some tips when you want to introduce a new parakeet: 

1. Quarantine Your New Bird 

Any new bird must be quarantined first for a couple of weeks.

This is to ensure that there will be no illnesses or parasites that can be brought to your other parakeets. 

2. Make Your New Budgie Comfortable 

Don’t try to let your new and old budgie meet immediately.

This can be extremely stressful for your parakeets as the former might feel uncomfortable, while your other parakeet might feel threatened.

Let your new parakeet familiarize itself with its new home first. 

3. Don’t Put Them In One Cage With Your Other Birds

Keep your parakeets into separate cages at first, then just place it somewhere where they can see and hear each other.

This will help them become familiar and comfortable, while also not causing them to feel threatened. 

4. Have a Neutral Room 

For interactions outside their cages, make sure you let them meet and play in a neutral room.

This room would be an area that no parakeets consider as their territory.

Letting them interact in a neutral room would minimize fights and allow them to build a bond with each other. 

Wrapping Up

Dealing with the death of your precious bird is certainly hard for you and your other birds.

Though it is understandable that you would want to replace them for the sake of your remaining parakeets, it might not be the best time when it’s only a recent death. 

Budgerigars also mourn for the death of their companions.

Allow some time to pass, so your parakeets can fully grieve for the loss. 

Then when the time is right you can adopt a new budgie

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