Are Cockatiels Destructive

Cockatiels are wonderful pet birds.

They are calm and friendly, with a warm temperament.

Although they are near perfect, they have a few shortcomings that we shall highlight in this article.

If you are thinking of getting a cockatiel, read to understand if you can handle a few of their downsides. 

Don’t get me wrong, they are wonderful birds but not every pet is perfect

This article will give you a great idea what to expect

Let’s get started!

Are Cockatiels Destructive

Cockatiels are not as destructive as other pet birds like the larger African Grey and parakeets.

If you are looking for a less destructive bird, a cockatiel is actually a better choice. 

Additionally, it has a warm temperament and is less aggressive.

So, it is friendly to other pets such as cats and dogs, and children. 

Do Cockatiels Make a Mess?

Yes, they do make a mess when feeding, like all birds.

However, compared to other pet birds, cockatiels are the messiest.

They scatter their food all over the cage and inside its drinking water.

That is why you need to clean its cage and food containers every day.

Also, they can create a mess when playing.

Additionally, cockatiels have a high metabolism rate.

They excrete fast and frequently, so their cage will be full of droppings which need to be cleaned and taken care of daily. 

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Are Cockatiels High Maintenance?

Cockatiels are not high-maintenance birds.

But compared to other pet birds such as budgies, doves, canaries, and smaller species of parrots, they top the list.

However, if you compare them to other pets, such as larger species of parrots or dogs, they are extremely low maintenance. 

They do not require much maintenance, which makes them perfect for first-time pet owners.

They require relatively minimal space and are ideal for apartment living.

But, it would be best if you were dedicated to cleaning after your cockatiel every day.

Generally, cockatiels are inexpensive, easy to train, and relatively quiet. 

Are there any disadvantages of a cockatiel?

Let’s find out

What Are The Disadvantages Of Cockatiel?

Cockatiels are amazing and one of the best pets you can ever keep.

They have a warm personality, they are charming, and a great family companion.

However, despite them being great pets, they have their downside.

Here are the disadvantages of keeping a cockatiel.

  1. High Pitch Scream

Cockatiels are not very chatty compared to budgies and other parrots.

However, they can occasionally let out a loud high-pitch scream which can be quite a nuisance.

Once it starts doing this, it will be an uphill task to stop, especially when it is upset.

  1. Cockatiel Dust And Dander

The cockatiel is among the tropical birds that produce a good amount of dust and dander.

If not handled or cleaned regularly, the dust can pose respiratory health issues to people around it. 

The dust can be a serious health concern to people with underlying health issues such as asthma and allergies.

To keep dust under control, clean its cage and surrounding area regularly, use HEPA filters, and bathe your cockatiel daily.

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  1. Taking Care Of a Cockatiel

Cockatiels have a fairly long life span.

Taking care of it can be overwhelming sometimes.

It requires you to be careful with the feeding, and cleaning after its mess can be overwhelming. 

They can be attention seeking too 

  1. They Can Bite

Your cockatiel will occasionally bite you.

There are different reasons why cockatiels bite.

Some bites do not hurt, while others are painful and can tear your skin.

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Okay, so we know the disadvantages

It’s only fair we talk about the advantages of a cockatiel too

Advantages of A Cockatiel

Despite a few shortcomings, cockatiels are pleasant birds, and you will enjoy every moment of it that’s for sure!

Here are the advantages of keeping a pet cockatiel:

  • They are beautiful and have awesomely attractive feathers
  • Cockatiels do not take up much space
  • They are intelligent and easy to train
  • Cockatiels have a humorous personality
  • Requires little amount of food
  • Acquiring a cockatiel is affordable
  • Cockatiels do not require a lot of attention or stimulation; they are happy to play will smaller toys

Wrapping Up

Like all other pets, cockatiels have a share of disadvantages and advantages.

Compared to most birds, they are a bit of high maintenance.

Additionally, they can be quite messy and noisy. (Which is normal for a bird)

But also, they are incredibly awesome, peaceful, friendly, and are hardly aggressive.

If you can handle a few of its downsides, you will enjoy the companionship of an amazing bird for a long time. 


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