Budgie Bullying Cockatiel

A Budgie And Cockatiel Relationship: What Is It Like?

A budgie and cockatiel are classified as tropical birds.

In the natural habitat, both bird species co-exist peacefully with one another.

So, even at home these two birds live together peacefully, but it should not be in the same cage.

Neither of the birds sees each other as a threat or a competition when playing.

However, there are cases where these two birds refuse to get along.

Let’s find out more about the relationship between these two birds.

Although both birds are known to live with one another peacefully, they should not stay in the same cage.

Either the bird can get aggressive against the other one.

This can lead up to fighting and may injure one another. (Which is something you definitely don’t want)

However you should know,

budgies are more inclined to bully a cockatiel.

In addition, the energy levels of these two birds do not match.

Usually, cockatiels are calm and quiet.

Budgies are noisy and require a lot of mental stimulation to stay active.

So, if budgies are bored, they might start attacking your cockatiel

This leads me to my next point

Are budgies bullies and do they bully cockatiels?

Let’s find out

Do Budgies Bully Cockatiels? 

Yes, budgies can bully cockatiels, especially if they share a cage.

Keeping them together can lead to a fight which can result in severe injuries and fatalities. 

Budgies are excellent pets with great personalities.

However, they have bossy tendencies and are known to bully other birds, including cockatiels which are usually calm and polite.

If kept together, a budgie can start pecking on their feet, eyes, and their feathers.

This can cause your cockatiel to be depressed and starve thus affecting its health and can ultimately lead to death

On the other hand, your cockatiel can decide to defend itself.

A cockatiel can quickly kill a budgie since it has a larger body size

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Does that mean they never get along?

Or there a small chance they actually can?

Carry on reading to find out..

Do Budgie And Cockatiels Get Along?

Budgies and cockatiels do get along together.

In their natural habitats, you will see flocks of both birds together.

At home, they can play together and enjoy each other’s company.

However, it is not advised to keep them in one cage.

They might not get along. 

Both birds can be territorial so it’s best to keep them in separate cages

Tips on how to make them get along

Although not recommended, you can still keep a cockatiel and a budgie in one cage.

But before you do, here are tips for keeping both of them safe in one cage:

  1. Introduce Them to One Another Slowly

Let them get to know each other slowly to increase the chances of a peaceful co-existence between the two. 

First, keep them in separate cages but next to each other.

This way, they will see each other all the time and create a bond.

Allow them to play together under your supervision in an open space. 

After a few weeks, you can start keeping them together for short periods as you observe how they behave with one another

Eventually, you can keep them in one cage if they are friendly to each other and you’re confident they’re not going to fight with each other 

  1. Food Requirements

Cockatiels’ diet should include a lot of fats, while a budgie’s diet shouldn’t have a lot of fat.

It would be best if you fed them separately.

Avoid feeding them inside the cage. 

Make sure to check out my resource page where you will find out what budgies can eat. I created this resource page to make it easier for you to find out what budgies can eat without the need for you to browse other websites. It makes things super easy for you to have all the information on one page. Check it out now>> What Do Budgies Eat (Ultimate In-Depth Guide)
  1. The Size Of The Cage

If you intend to keep them together, ensure the cage is large enough.

Sharing a small space can cause the two birds to fight. 

Additionally, a large cage will give them enough room to play and have some alone time if they get tired of each other’s company.

The cage should be at least 24 wide x 24 depth x 30 inches. 

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  1. The Breeding Season

Please take note of the breeding season as both birds’ hormones are at their peak.

Despite how calm and friendly they are; they can quickly turn against each other during this season.

Please keep them in separate cages during breeding season until you know it’s over and both birds are calm and behaving how they normally would do

  1. Understand Their Personalities

Like people, birds have different personalities.

Cockatiels and budgies share almost similar characters, so it is possible they can get along quickly. 

However, this is not always the case.

These two birds might fail to get along from the start.

Ensure you understand each bird’s personality before pairing them together in a cage. 

So can you put them together

I answer this in my next point so carry on reading to find out

Can You Put a Cockatiel And a Parakeet Together? (Summary)

As discussed above, you can have your cockatiel and parakeet (budgie) live together.

Both birds can share the space and live happily together in open spaces and play areas.

However, they may not be pleased to share a cage. 

Both birds are territorial.

They will aggressively protect their mates, the nesting and breeding site, making it hard for them to share a cage.

They can also fight over a favorite toy if they share a cage.

The conflict is likely to arise in these scenarios and escalate into full-blown fights, leading to fatal injuries or death.

So ideally, it would be best to keep them in different cages

What Bird Can Live With A Cockatiel?

Cockatiels, unlike budgies, are meek, passive, and social birds.

They are quite and can would rarely start a fight. 

It can peacefully co-exist with other less aggressive birds such as lorikeets, Bourke parakeets, and turquoise parrots.

The Bourke parakeets are friendly and perfect companion birds.

Both cockatiels and Bourke parakeets are mellow birds and the same size, making them an ideal pair.

Ensure the cage is spacious. 

A cockatiel can be happier when living with another cockatiel.

However, avoid keeping a female and male cockatiel together.

Both of them can become hormonal, which can lead to a fight.

It is best to keep same sex cockatiels together.

If you consider keeping another bird with a cockatiel, consider the size and closely monitor their temperament and personality. 

Do not house birds that have dominating tendencies together with a cockatiel.

They become territorial and may fight with a cockatiel leading to stress, injuries, or death.

When housing more than one bird in a cage, ensure the room is well ventilated for sufficient air circulation.

Wrapping Up

Cockatiels and budgies can live together peacefully, even in the same cage.

To achieve this, you need to introduce them to living together from infancy. 

Generally, every bird has its personality.

Some cockatiels and budgies can share a cage, while others cannot.

If you have these two birds, you should keep them in different cages.

You can allow them to play and enjoy some time together out of the cage under your supervision.

Allow them to live together only when you are sure they can get along really well.


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