Can Cockatiels See Ghosts? 

Sometimes, we often see our lovely cockatiels do peculiar things.

They also behave weirdly such as staring at an empty space, asking for attention or affection from nothing as if they can see someone or something invisible.

It’s causing a certain curiosity to pop: can these precious cockatiels see ghosts? 

In reality, there’s no way to confirm if cockatiels can really see ghosts.

Assuming that ghosts and other evil energy are true, it can be said that birds, like cockatiels, are able to see their existences.

After all, birds have a completely different vision compared to humans.

Like the fact that birds can see the world’s whole colors spectrum, magnetic field, and have 2 to 8 times better visual acuity, it is possible that they can also see things invisible to the naked eye.

Can Cockatiels See Ghosts? (In Detail) 

It is a wonder and probably a question that we might not be able to truly confirm and answer.

Though we can only hypothesize or take a guess, is it really possible that your precious birds can see or even sense ghosts? 

There is no way to confirm, but assuming that they really exist, cockatiels might be able to see them or at least sense them.

Right from the start, birds can perceive four colors, unlike humans that only have three color space.

If humans can primarily see blue, green, red, then birds can also see ultra-violet rays which is why they are called tetrachromats. 

In addition to their amazing color perception-ability, birds like cockatiels also have great vision acuity.

Depending on the bird species, they can have 2 to 8 times sharp vision compared to humans. I

f you’re struggling to imagine their vision, imagine the big letter E during optical tests being able to see 20 feet away from the chart.

Amazing, right? 

Given how birds, like cockatiels, have unimaginable eyesight, it is okay to assume that they are also able to perceive ghosts.

However, this will remain as a wild guess since there is no way to confirm the truth. 

I mean do ghosts really exist?

Depends on how you feel about that I guess

What Are Cockatiels Afraid Of? 

Many cockatiel owners often agree with each other that cockatiels are scared of the dark.

You might have already heard your lovely bird crashing into the bars of the cage suddenly in the middle of the night.

This is because they are trying to escape as they are frantically afraid of the silent night.

It is also nice to know that cockatiels can actually sleep at night with small background noises.

However, when the night became completely silent, they would feel alerted by the sudden change.

It would be worse for them when it’s totally dark causing them to feel extremely scared and panic. 

Cockatiels can also be frightened with sudden loud noises.

This is why you need to avoid scaring them off accidentally or they might feel stressed and quite flustered. 

What Do Cockatiels Do When They Are Scared? 

You can quickly discern your cockatiels if they are scared or not.

Oftentimes, they hold their feathers close to their body or put their crests up.

Cockatiels may also try to shake their cage up when they are enclosed as they are trying to escape or fly away from the threat. 

This usually happens when they wake up in the middle of the night or when they are extremely flustered by loud noises.

Though it is unlikely that they will die of fright, your cockatiels might experience extreme stress and become frantic. 

Can Cockatiels Sense Bad Energy? 

Similar as we cannot truly confirm whether cockatiels can perceive ghosts, it can only be assumed if they can really sense bad energy or not. 

But if we are going to put a clear definition of bad energy, it will be the feeling of uneasiness we, humans, often feel at times especially at scary places.

Cockatiels can be pretty sensitive to sudden change of mood and atmosphere.

They can quickly see or take a hint from a person’s body language too.

However, it is uncertain whether these lovely birds can detect bad energy.

As bird owners, you know your pet birds more than anyone.

Just remember that animals, regardless of species, are individually unique from one another.

This applies to your cockatiels too.

If you feel like they can sense weird energy, then they probably can.

If not, then maybe they really don’t have that ability. 

Wrapping Up

Whether cockatiels can see ghosts or detect bad energy, there is no scientific or reliable method to confirm it.

Since birds, in general, have great eye sights, there is a possibility that they can really see ghosts.

It will entirely depend on your perspective as an owner.

After all, you are the only one who probably knows your pet birds the most. 


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