Why Do Parakeets Sit In Their Food?

If you’re on the lookout for a great pet that’s loads of fun, easy to care for, and is beyond affectionate, then maybe you should adopt a parakeet.

Parakeets are brilliant birds that are unbelievably loyal.

But, you should also know that parakeets are fairly unique creatures, each one with an individual personality, and each one is kind of quirky in a different way.

So, it is that you will run into many parakeet owners who repeatedly search the internet trying to find out why their parakeet sits in its food bowl.

Well, wonder no more.

No, your adorable winged friend isn’t trying to irritate you on purpose.

Sometimes parakeets opt to sit in their food bowls because it’s a relaxed position, and they want to take a break from the day-in-day-out balancing on the perch act.

Yet, other aspects might induce your beloved pet to sit in its food bowl.

Hence, without further ado, let’s take an in-depth look at wacky budgie behavior and try to understand what motivates your budgie to sit in its food dish.

Why Does My Bird Sit In Its Food?

As mentioned earlier, parakeets are extraordinary birds with unusual likes and preferences.

But, you should know that in the wild, parakeets are birds of prey who go through epic lengths to forage for their food.

While it is true that most domestic birds exhibit many traits different from wild birds.

It is impossible to take away centuries of innate sense of survival.

So, any time your pet bird starts to feel that its food supply is limited or in danger of becoming scarce, your bird will either begin to store food away elsewhere or start to sit in its food dish.

Furthermore, parakeets also tend to sit in their food bowls to relax and not balance on a perch for long hours.

It is instinctual for birds to sit and sleep on branches in the wild and on perches in captivity.

But, the one fundamental difference between wild and domestic birds is that pet birds don’t fear for their life. 

So, often you will find that your feather friend will lounge about, take a snack, and then a nap all in the same place – its food dish.

No, you don’t have to be concerned that your birdie is unwell, as napping or sitting in a food bowl are significantly different from huddling into the corner of the cage floor, which is what parakeets do when they are seriously sick. 

And you should also know that if your parakeet is sitting in the food bowl right before a molting phase, it probably wants a nice, secure, and comfortable area, resembling a nest where it can not be so open to the public eye, have plenty of privacy and feel cozy.

Parakeets are induced into nesting when and if you provide them with a nest, and a large bowl full of seeds will or may appear to your pet like a safe and effective nesting area.

Sometimes, parakeets sit into food bowls when they are facing hormonal changes.

These changes in a bird’s hormones need not be triggered with the mating season coming around or even having a mate. 

How To Stop Your Parakeet From Sitting In Their Food?

First things first, get rid of the big food dish that you might have in your parakeet’s cage and replace it with a smaller one.

If you like to offer your pet variety, you can have two separate small-sized bowls in your parakeet’s cage instead of one. 

Next, you should consider placing a sleeping shelf for your parakeet, similar to a tent, a flatbed, or a Japanese futon.

Now, it isn’t every day that your parakeet will go to bed in its futon mattress.

But, on occasions, you will find your bird seeking refuge in one.

Changing the place and position of your bird’s cage might distract your budgie from its unwarranted behavior.

At times, pet parents introduce new toys to change their bird’s antics or change the position of their pet’s toys to divert its attention from unwanted conduct.

Why Do Parakeets Kick Their Food Out?

Well, If your feathered friend is preparing to head to bed in its food bowl, then it will kick out some of the food if the food dish is too full.

Parakeets are like eccentric millionaires, and they like things done in a specific way –  their way.

In most cases, parakeets kick out their food when they don’t want it.

Sometimes, parakeet owners offer their winged birds a blend of seeds or fruits. 

If you don’t know it yet, you should know that some parakeets are very picky eaters.

So, if your bird doesn’t want a seed, it’ll get rid of it by kicking its food out until it gets to the part it wants to eat.

But unfortunately, some parakeets also love to dig.

If you have a digger on hand, then you might have to learn to train your bird with patience, perseverance, and lots of love.

Why Do Birds Sleep In Their Food?

In the wild, birds sleep in nests.

You should know that a bird’s nest does not have different areas assigned for various articles.

The food the birds forage, their winter food stash, their eggs, and everything else is in one tiny area.

So, sleeping in the food is unavoidable.

Yes, your pet bird doesn’t need to sleep in its food but sometimes it’s just tough to break old habits.

Wrapping Up

It may be true that parakeets aren’t the most sanitary in how they do things.

These are, after all, just birds.

It would be best if you didn’t look at the picture like you can’t do anything about it.

Parakeets are pretty smart, easily trained, and very cooperative if they’ve bonded with their humans and when they feel the inclination to cooperate.

So, try training your beloved pet into quitting its nasty habits, and it just might work.


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