Can Budgies Eat Fruit Loops? 

If you are the type of person who eats cereals in the morning, you might have considered giving your lovely budgies some of your colorful, tasty cereals.

One particular cereal brand that is quite famous in the market is Fruit Loops.

In fact, the brand’s mascot is also a bird, which is a toucan.

That just makes it more convincing for you to also give it to your bird I guess! 

Unfortunately, no matter how the brand is convincing you to let your parakeets eat them, it is a wiser choice not to give your lovely birds any piece of Fruit Loops.


This is because the cereal contains lots of sugar, approximately 10 grams each serving, which is bad for your budgie’s health.

It also contains a lot of chemicals that may be safe for humans to eat, but not for birds.

One primary example is the artificial dyes used to make the cereal colorful and appetizing. 

Can Budgies Eat Froot Loops? (In Detail)

It is quite tempting for us, bird owners, to occasionally give our lovely parakeets some treats.

After all, we want them to also explore human food that we absolutely love and crave.

Sometimes, bird owners tend to share their breakfast time with their birds.

One meal they particularly eat in the morning is cereal and one famous brand is Fruit Loops which also uses a bird as its mascot.

Unfortunately, budgies cannot eat fruit loops.

This is due to the excessive sugar content and other food chemicals that might be harmful for your feathered friends.

For example – the food dye that is used to make the cereal pieces colorful.

This can be quite dangerous for your budgies, and may even lead to some complications which is something I’m sure you don’t want happening!

However, budgies and even other birds might love the taste and the appearance of the cereal.

Not only does it taste great, but the colorful cereal pieces also provide entertainment for them.

You can give your parakeets a piece occasionally as treats since low quantity can’t be pretty harmful, but remember do not make it a part of their regular diet. 

Is It Healthy? 

Though Fruit Loops and other cereal brands may bring nutritional benefits to humans, it may not be the same case for your lovely parakeets.

This is because of the high sugar content present in the food. 

Just like how humans can acquire diabetes from too much sugar, birds and your parakeets are also prone to diabetes.

Eating Fruit Loops can also cause them become obese and be unhealthy because of the sugar content.

This particular cereal also uses food dye that is obviously a chemical that might put your budgie’s health in danger when excessively consumed. 

It is safe to say that feeding your budgies fruit loops would not benefit them at all.

Though it would certainly keep them entertained and happy because of its appetizing appearance and taste, your budgie’s health is far more important. 

Can Budgies Eat Cereal? (In General)

Good news is that not all cereals are bad for your parakeets.

You can still let them give a taste of some flavorful cereals, as long as it is chemical-free, harmless, and purely organic.

However, most cereals available in the market are sweetened and artificially colored, so be aware of them. 

Purely and naturally grain cereals can be fed to your budgies, especially those unsweetened ones.

Some cereals that are available for your birds to eat are bran flakes, oatmeals, and original cheerios.

Avoid cereals that are high in artificial flavorings as well since it can also potentially upset their stomach. 

As a rule of thumb, only give your budgies and other birds small to moderate quantities to ensure their safety.

You should not also serve them with milk as budgies won’t be able to digest dairy, since they are pretty much lactose-intolerant.

It can lead to upsetting situations for your parakeets such as diarrhea and bacterial overgrowth. 

Final Words

Fruit Loops is undeniably tasty and colorful. It might be really entertaining for your parakeets and they will likely enjoy eating the cereal.

However, fruit loops and other sweetened, artificially dyed cereals are not good for your budgie’s health.

This is because of the present food chemicals and too much sugar that can harm them.

Fortunately, you can still give some healthy cereals to your feathered friends.

Cereals that are unsweetened and organic can be quite healthy for them.

Just remember to serve it to your pet birds in moderation, or if possible only in small quantities.

Ensure that you are still providing a healthy diet to your budgies to keep them healthy. 


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