Why Do Parrots Throw Things On The Floor? 

Have you ever seen a lot of your items on the floor from time to time?

Well, the truth may not be just a simple action of misplacing things, but your parrot might have something to do with it!

I’m pretty sure that you have witnessed your pet bird throwing things on the floor and it might be amusing.

But, why exactly do parrots throw items on the floor?

It is worth remembering that parrots, and other intelligent birds, can easily get bored.

This is why they do all sort of weird things like throwing items to keep themselves entertained.

Parrots throw and even destroy things in the process since they are very curious and like to explore the properties of anything they’re curious about.

Though throwing something may not exactly mean a tantrum, your parrot will also do this to show they’re unsatisfied or displeased. 

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Why Do Parrots Destroy Everything? 

There are many reasons why parrots destroy everything.

In fact, bird toys don’t really last that long due to their destructive nature.

Yes, that’s right.

Parrots can actually be pretty destructive as they not only throw everything on the floor, they sometimes chew on them too! 

Here are some of the common reasons why your parrots, and even other birds, destroy everything! 

1. To cope up with their boredom 

If you are not engaging your parrot that much, they will try to throw, drop, and even destroy items to cope up with their boredom.

It is not a good sign for them since parrots can really develop destructive behavior when not taken care of properly. 

Remember that these birds are highly intelligent, but also extremely sensitive and emotional.

They tend to bond closely with their owners, so less time and interaction with them can make your bird friends really bored, and so they will try to relieve their boredom by destroying things. 

2. Trying to explore things 

As mentioned, your birds are highly intellectual.

You might have witnessed your parrot pushing things off the table and dropping them.

This is because of their curiosity and are genuinely interested to figure out the property or the item they are destroying. 

Your feathered friend drops things over and over again since parrots like to hear the way things fall and land on the floor.

It might be pretty annoying, but it is their way of figuring things out and entertaining themselves.

3. It is their natural instinct 

Parrots can actually be pretty destructive by nature.

This is because birds, like parrots, tear branches or twigs apart in order to make their own nest.

In nature and wildlife, birds tear trees and barks to create their own home.

It is also related to their way of finding and securing food.

Parrots also chew on things to keep their beaks maintained properly.

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4. To show dissatisfaction 

It is natural for your parrots to sometimes feel upset, unsatisfied, or mad at something.

Throwing things off, dropping, and even destroying them could be their way to release their anger. 

Is My Parrot Throwing a Tantrum When He Throws Things on the Floor? 

Throwing things on the floor may be a sign of a parrot’s tantrums.

After all, they are like a child – adorable, but still capable of having tantrums.

When your parrot is displeased, upset, or even dissatisfied, breaking items might be their way to release their frustrations and emotions. 

However, it is important to know that throwing things does not directly mean that your parrot is upset.

There are still possible reasons such as entertaining themselves, satisfying their curiosity, and just because of their bird instinct. 

There are also ways to determine if your parrot is mad.

Some birds bite their owners when they are greatly displeased or try to get in a lunging position with their wings slightly away from the body.

Some parrots also scream and squawk loudly to show their emotions. 

How To Stop Your Parrot From Throwing Things On The Floor?

Your parrot’s destructive nature can be quite annoying.

In fact, it is a behavior that should be discouraged to prevent problems.

Do not worry if you can’t figure out how to stop them completely from breaking and throwing off things. 

Remember that parrots naturally chew and drop something.

In case you spot them doing it again, make sure you provide them with appropriate chew toys to keep them distracted.

There are toys meant for your parrots to chew which can help you alleviate your problem.

Another way to discourage this behavior is to give them more quality time.

After all, they throw things whenever they are bored since it’s their way to entertain themselves. 

Accept that your feathered friend can be really destructive.

Though they are intelligent birds, they are still like kids.

A child should be treated like a child, such as showering them with lots of love, care, and patience while also deeply understanding them. 

Wrapping Up

Parrots can be quite destructive in nature.

It can be quite concerning for bird owners, but parrots only do this to ease their boredom and because of their bird instincts.

Make sure not to forcibly discipline them as it might yield to distrust and more aggressive behavior. 


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