Why Does My Parrot Rip Up Paper?

It is guaranteed that parrots have surprised their bird owners with many shredded and ripped papers everywhere.

It might be pretty annoying to some people because of the unnecessary mess it causes, but it may also be a cause of serious concern to others.

After all, why is your parrot ripping tons of paper?

Most likely everyone will tend to think that it has something to do with aggressive behavior that should be addressed.

Well, luckily it’s not, so relax.

In reality, your parrot rips paper because they like tearing it apart.

Parrots often enjoy ripping, tearing, scratching, and even breaking things using their powerful beaks.

One of the most common things they like to destroy is paper, and it’s one of their favorite activities.

You don’t have to worry about their health since most papers are non-toxic, unless your bird swallows or eats a lot of them.

Why Do Parrots Eat Paper? 

You will likely think that your parrot is weird for trying to chew paper and shred countless of it.

You may also think that it’s alarming since we know that papers are non-edible, and it might cause some serious complications.

Here’s the good news though 

You got nothing to worry about! 



Parrots do not really eat paper, but it might look like it because they shred it with their beaks.

There are cases that your birds might eat tiny pieces during shredding, but it’s not really harmful for them.

After all, your birds are extremely intelligent creatures.

They know what is food and what is not. 

Your pet birds likely tear paper because of their nesting habits.

They tend to create nests for themselves using materials similar to paper, hence their behavior. 

However, parrots will also shred some papers because they simply like the feeling of it being easily torn using their beaks.

It is also their way to entertain themselves and not to feel bored.

They like to play with these torn papers with their beaks and tongue 

I guess it’s a sort of entertainment for themself

Is It Okay For Parrots To Eat Paper? 

Generally speaking, papers are not good for your parrots, but it also doesn’t have any serious potential effects on them.

While your birds might likely accidentally chew some pieces while shredding, you don’t have to worry about their health. 

This is because small pieces of paper will just naturally pass in their digestive system along with their digested and eaten food.

Your parrots also know that papers are not meant to be eaten, so they naturally spit it out during shredding.

Though, it doesn’t mean that you can just simply toss stacks of paper to your parrot.

Remember, giving them excessive amounts will also increase their chance of eating papers excessively.

If your parrot has eaten large amounts of paper, a blockage in their digestive system is highly possible. 

Make sure you still monitor your pet birds whenever they are tearing or destroying something with their beaks.

You can let them play with papers to keep them entertained and busy, but don’t overdo it as there is still a risk to their health. 

Should I Let My Parrot Chew On Paper? 

It actually depends on you as their owner.

Parrots are intelligent birds, so they likely know that they should not eat papers.

You can let your feathered friends chew on paper since it gives them satisfaction, entertainment, and just a way of their playing.

However, you can simply also introduce other methods to keep them away from boredom. 

The thing here is that your parrots will certainly eat small pieces of paper accidentally.

Even if they are naturally non-toxic, it might still be a cause of your worry.

So, it is up to you whether you will let them play with paper

After all, it is completely understandable since you only want them to keep healthy and strong. 

In case you decide to let your parrots chew on paper, make sure you avoid giving them the types that can potentially harm them due to the present toxic substances.

Some papers that you should not give are laminated paper, paper rolls, and cardboard’s since the glue or adhesives present on them are toxic for your birds. 

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Wrapping Up

Parrots don’t literally eat paper, but they like to rip them up because they enjoy tearing them with their beaks.

You don’t have to worry about them accidentally eating some pieces, since it will only normally pass through their digestive tracts.

However, keep in mind that excessive papers can cause digestive tract complications that are extremely dangerous for them.

Chewing and shredding papers are normal for your parrots due to their nesting behavior and also as their play activity. 


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