Do Budgie Tail Feathers Grow Back? 

If you are a beginner bird owner and you own a budgie/parakeet, you might freak out one day if you notice that your little bird’s precious tail feathers are slowly falling out.

After all, you know that their tail feathers help them steer and become stable when flying.

So, your parakeet that has falling tail feathers seems a really concerning matter.

You should not worry at all!

Losing tail feathers is a normal process for your parakeets.

It is likely that they are molting, or the process where they shed feathers to grow new and healthier ones.

Your budgie’s tail feathers will eventually grow back after a few weeks or months, depending on their health.

You can aid their molting process by giving them healthier meals that are rich in vitamins, minerals, and especially proteins. 

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Do Budgie’s Tail Feathers Grow Back?

Yes, your budgie’s tail will grow back after some time.

These new feathers will be as beautiful, if not more, as before.

You may notice that your bird’s feathers are slowly falling out for a few days to weeks.

This is perfectly normal and you should not be concerned about it. 

If you observe carefully, your budgie will act normal – energetic, happy, and healthy even with falling feathers.

This is because this process is just part of their shedding cycle that happens yearly.

However, make sure you aid and take extra care for your parakeet since they might become moody and more passive for the meantime.

How Long Does It Take For a Budgie’s Tail To Grow Back? 

Your budgie’s tail will be back after an average of 2 to 6 weeks.

Their regrowth process can sometimes last even longer, depending on their health.

If your parakeet is healthy and you are giving them nutrient-packed meals, then their feathers can grow even faster. 

When your parakeet is shedding its feathers, you will notice that not only their tail feathers are the ones that are falling out.

Their wing feathers, and most especially their body feathers will also slowly fall out from their body.

Everything will grow back again to normal after a while and your beautiful bird will flaunt his new feathers in no time. 

What Happens When a Bird Loses Its Tail Feathers? 

In case you do not know yet, tail feathers are important for your parakeets since it guides them and gives more stability during their flight.

After all, birds’ tail feathers act like a rudder in an airplane which is used to steer the aircraft.

Likewise, tail feathers help the birds to steer whenever they are flying.

So, what exactly happens when a bird loses its tail feathers?

Will they be unable to fly? 

Your bird or parakeet will still be able to fly.

Though they may lose their tail feathers when molting, it will not totally hinder them to the extent of becoming unable to take a flight again. 

However, they will only be able to fly across short distances for the time that they are still regrowing their feathers.

This is because birds use their tail feathers mainly for stability and control.

It allows them to maneuver themselves in the sky, such as making turns and twists freely in the air.

So, having less tail feathers would make it slightly harder for them to fly across great distances. 

Tail feathers also act as a brake for the birds during their landing.

While they are molting, it is pretty risky for them to fly normally since they might get injured whenever they are about to land. 

Should I Be Concerned If My Budgie is Losing Tail Feathers? 

Molting is a natural process among birds, including parakeets.

This happens when birds shed their old feathers and regrow new and healthier ones.

It only happens once a year and is usually during the spring and fall seasons which helps them try to prepare or recover from winter. 

Your parakeets’ tail feathers will eventually grow back in no time.

There’s no need to be concerned about them whenever they lose their feathers since it’s a normal process. 

If you want to make their feathers’ regrow quickly, provide them with a healthier diet to aid their health.

Nutrition plays an important role in keeping their molting process safe and pacing.

Protein-rich foods are great for them.

You should also give them vitamin-packed meals primarily with nutrients that are best for their skin to help them regrow their feathers quickly and beautifully. 

Wrapping Up

Your parakeet’s tail feathers will fall out during their molting season.

It usually happens between spring or fall seasons yearly.

You don’t have to worry about their health since their feathers will eventually grow back after 2 to 6 weeks.

Give a healthy diet to your bird to aid them regrow their feathers quickly. 


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