Can You Leave Your Cockatiel Alone For The Weekend?

Caring for a pet is akin to parenting a child.

So, when pet parents enquire how long you can leave a cockatiel alone at home, the answer is not ever, and certainly not more than the weekend if it’s an emergency.

Even when cockatiel owners do leave their pet alone at home, they are advised by avian behavioral experts to keep them under the care of another trusted person, such as a family member, friend, or trusted neighbor.

So, without further ado, let’s get into the subject of whether it is safe for pets, especially cockatiels, to be left alone at home unsupervised by their keepers. 

Is It Okay To Leave A Cockatiel Alone For The Weekend?

In emergencies, even an adoring pet parent is left without the luxury of choosing to bring their pets along with them.

In such unique situations, the maximum number of days you are suggested to leave your cockatiel alone is two days.

The idea is that your cockatiel will be safe as long as your birdie has fresh food and water when you leave your bird home alone for a matter of two days in case of an emergency.

But if it’s possible you should try to avoid these scenarios

It’s best if you can get someone to babysit your bird

How Long Can You Leave A Cockatiel Alone For?

While it is true that cockatiel owners aren’t advised to leave their avian pets unsupervised for long at home yet, sometimes, birdie keepers have little choice in the matter.

So, for those overly cautious pet parents who dread that the very worst will befall their pets while they are away, you should know that cockatiels do just fine on their own.

It is safe to leave a cockatiel alone for two days.

You should also know that your birdie will only strongly react to your absence if your birdie develops the insecurity that you don’t plan to be back for it. 

Many pet parents will vouch that their avian friends do just fine in their absence.

And, yes, there are cockatiel owners who attest that they had left their bird alone for a week and found that their beloved pet was in excellent shape when they got back.

In short, it all depends on the cockatiel keepers and their pet’s personality.

Most cockatiels are friendly and playful birds and these creatures do fine on their own too.

However, you will encounter the over-sensitive, seriously attached cockatiel who loses its composure and sanity in the prolonged absence of its humans too.

So, it would be best if you gauged your birdie’s personality and overall persona to predict how your winged friend would react to your unavailability.

What To Do Before Leaving Your Cockatiel Alone For The Weekend?

Leaving your pet unsupervised isn’t just a challenging experience for the pet; it can mean a tough situation for many pet parents, too, who have never left their feathered baby alone for long.

But, you need not worry, as recent technological advancements have made it possible for pet parents to travel for a few days without going out of their minds worrying about their avian housemates.

Let’s take a look into some of these:

Fresh Supply Of Food Water

Many products are available in the market to provide your pet with fresh food and water.

Bird feeders are now designed where your bird’s food falls out only when it goes to feed, and the leftover food gets collected into a lower area.

Using such bird feeders prevents a mess from being created inside the cage and allows the bird’s feed to stay fresh for a long time.

And, it keeps your bird from pooping in its food too.

Some can be hooked onto the cage wire, and these waters prevent spillage in the birdcage, keep the cage clean and dry, and stop your bird from pooping or bathing in its drinking water.

A Camera

Yes, you can place a camera before your bird’s cage, allowing you to monitor your bird’s everyday movements.

These cameras have built-in two-way speakers that enable you to hear your bird and allow your bird to listen to your voice. 

Useful Apps

Some apps allow pet parents to turn on and off the television sets, lights, music, and other electronic gadgets in the house.

Using these apps gives you the chance to make your pets stay alone at home as comfortable as possible.

As you might already know, some cockatiels love music, and other cockatiels relish TV time.

Cockatiel owners often place their bird’s cage in front of the television set so that their avian pet can have its daily fill of some bird documentary!

Birdcage Heater

A birdcage heater isn’t placed at the bottom of your bird’s cage, so there isn’t any chance of your bird getting its wings burnt.

The heater is placed on the outside of the cage walls, and the temperature can be monitored.

So, your bird will be perfectly safe and warm while you are away.

Get A Friend Or Someone You Trust To Visit 

If you are planning just a day or two away, then you might not need to enlist some help.

But, if you’ve never left your feathered baby alone and are going for a week, it’s best to get a family member, friend, or a neighbor to visit your pet for a few minutes.

The only thing you need to keep in mind is that the person should be someone your bird knows and likes, or the trick will work towards upsetting your birdie.

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Wrapping Up

It’s never an easy decision for any pet owner to leave their pet behind.

However, you need not be distraught fretting about your beloved pet’s life and happiness.

You can leave your avian pet for two days without fearing any adverse repercussions.

And you can leave it for longer too.

Either way, you will need to take specific steps to ensure your pet’s safety and health while you are away.


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