Can Chickens Eat Fishing Maggots?

Chickens make really fantastic pets.

You see, chickens are amazingly sturdy, low-maintenance animals, fun to watch, and love to follow a routine.

The one thing that chicken keepers love to see their feathered babies do is forage. 

Now, insects are supposed to be a part of a chicken’s diet.

And, chicken can and will eat maggots of all kinds.

So, if you’re wondering if it’s okay for your flock of chickens to have fishing maggots wonder no more. 

Yes, chickens can eat fishing maggots. But, if you don’t want your flightless birdie to fall sick munching on some maggots, then you need to ensure that you don’t just allow your chickens to gobble up worms from dead animals or the garbage. Fishing maggots are full of protein and high in fat content, but you need to get fishing maggots from pet stores or you home-grow them.

Let’s take an in-depth look at why it’s a good idea to let your chickens have fishing maggots occasionally and what you can do to make the crunchy maggot munching experience a safe one for your fowl.

Are Fishing Maggots Healthy For Chickens?

In the early days of farming, chickens weren’t fed specifically formulated chicken feed.

Chickens would primarily forage for their food, and it was normal to witness chickens eat maggots, fish, or fly maggots. 

Fishing maggots are a great source of protein as protein is essential for chickens.

Chickens require extra protein during molting, during the egg-laying season, during brutal winters, and when they are under dire stress.

You see, protein can help with bone development and growth.

Also, protein is helpful for feather growth, nervous and circulatory system, beak, and toenail formation. 

Feathers are made up of almost 85% to 90% protein.

Proper egg-laying production necessitates much more protein as well.

So, if you can get your hands on fishing maggots, particularly ones free of diseases, then you will do your feathered friends a favor by offering fishing maggots as a snack.

How To Feed Fishing Maggots To Chickens?

As mentioned earlier, maggots are an excellent source of protein and fat for your chickens.

It is vital that any maggots, fishing or fly, that you want to incorporate into your pet’s diet should be free of disease. 

Maggots consume decaying, rotten meat so, you will find them in all kinds of places with dead rot setting in.

With dead rot comes infections such as salmonella, or your chickens can get tapeworms or roundworms from the maggots that are infested themselves.

Therefore, chicken owners are recommended to provide commercially treated fishing maggots or home-grown maggots to their flock.

Also, there is such a thing as too much of a good thing.

Hence, chicken keepers should serve their fowl maggots as a snack on an occasional basis.

If you are trying to feed fishing maggots to your chickens for the first time, you should do so slowly.

If your birds have always been given commercial chicken feed, then they might be reluctant to eat wiggling worms for the first time.

You can try mixing fishing maggots with their feed and only a little at a time.

A snack of fishing maggots once or twice every two weeks would make your chickens healthy and happy. 

Can Chicks Eat Maggots?

Yes, chicks can eat maggots.

In most cases, chicks will happily gorge on maggots every opportunity that they get.

You need to be sure that if your chicks are under three weeks, you keep them away from food sources like maggots.


Because chicks under the age of three weeks simply cannot digest maggot; they haven’t developed the digestive system that can break down the proteins.

Large-sized maggots can cause your chicks harm and represent a choking hazard for your little birdies. 

Do Chickens Eat Fly Maggots?

Chickens eat fly maggots as well as fishing maggots.

Maggots are at the larva stage of a fly- the stage between an egg and the chrysalis.

There are three different kinds of maggots – pinkies, squats, and maggots.

Maggots don’t stay long as maggots and, chickens will eat fly maggots if they can get anywhere near them.

However, it is always a good idea to limit your chicken’s appetite for maggots. 

Wrapping Up

Feeding maggots to your flock of chickens can seem a bit gross to some pet parents of chickens.

But it’s okay because chickens eat insects.

It should be a natural part of your fowl diet.

And, feeding fishing maggots will only do good to your chickens.

You see, maggots are full of protein, fiber, and fat. And all of these nutrients are imperative for your chicken’s well-being.

Do remember though, too much maggot and disease-infested maggot can make your flock sick.

So, you just need to be sure that when your chicken does peck on maggots, the maggots are free of infectious bugs.


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