Three Cockatiels In One Cage

Oftentimes, we say that “the more, the merrier.”

True enough, it’s really fun to bond and have interactions when there are a lot of friends to meet and play with.

As bird owners, the idea of keeping three cockatiels in one cage might seem a great idea.

After all, these beautiful birds love companionship and bond more than any birds.

But you need to make sure if keeping them in one cage would be ideal or even how you should do it. 

Generally speaking, you can keep three cockatiels in one cage as long as they get along with each other.

You can keep them together to encourage play time and bird interaction.

It is important to make sure that you introduce them slowly and properly, or else they will view other birds as their enemy. 

Cockatiels can be pretty territorial as well, you don’t want to risk your birds fighting each other and having a bloody fight because of their instinct to fight for their space.

However, it is still best to keep them in separate cages at all times, especially during mating season, and only during playtime. 

Three Cockatiels In One Cage – Is It a Good Idea?

Keeping three cockatiels would be great to initiate companionship, however make sure that you only keep them in a cage that can be considered as neutral territory.

Cockatiels must also be familiar to each other by introducing them as young as they can be. 

Put cockatiels that get along with one another.

You don’t want to initiate a fight among them because of incompatibility or territorial issues.

Avoid putting three cockatiels that have two same sexes and other opposite sex in one cage for so long too, since this can cause a fight between the two same sex cockatiels over the other opposite sex.

Putting only cockatiels of the same sex can be a greater option.

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If you want to try training your cockatiels to get along with each other, consider putting them in separate cages first, but still be able to see one another.

This can encourage them to form a bond and familiarity, while keeping their own territories. 

So if you want to keep all three in one cage,

The cage size is very important

You need to make sure it’s big enough!

Which leads me to my next point

How Big Should a Cage Be For 3 Cockatiels?

If you intend to keep three cockatiels in one cage, make sure you provide them a huge cage to give them enough space.

As a rule of thumb, one cockatiel should have at least 180 cm x 60 cm  x 90 cm in size. 

Keeping three birds in one cage would require a bigger size to accommodate them.

Getting the size appropriate for 4 birds would be big enough for them which is approximately 200 cm x 150 cm x 90 cm. 

The bigger the cage, the better for them.

Do not forget to put multiple perches, water bowls, and other things they need to make their lives comfortable.

Make sure you also keep their cages clean.

Their cages should also be comfortable enough for them, and big enough for their playing time. 

How Many Cockatiels Should Be In a Cage? (Realistically)  

Ideally, cockatiels are kept in pairs in one cage since it’s the best way to give and encourage them to have partners.

Keep in mind that keeping two cockatiels in one cage, especially if opposite sex, can result to having more baby cockatiels since they will see each other as mate. 

If you intend to keep three cockatiels together in one cage, make sure that it is big enough and you should be alert in case there will be fights among them.

Be careful putting two male cockatiels and one female since there’s a huge chance of bloody fight over the potential mate.

You don’t want to risk the idea of causing stress and serious injuries between your cute birds. 

You can also keep four cockatiels in one cage if your cage is big enough for them.

You can either have two pairs or cockatiels with the same sex.

No matter how many birds you put in one space, make sure you can provide them all the things they need and as well as be responsible enough should there be any troubles. 

Final Thoughts

Keeping three cockatiels in one cage is possible, but there are still possible fights over territories and mate.

Make sure that you also put them in a cage that is big enough to fit them all in, while still having enough space for each of them.

When you want to take care of three birds in one cage, make sure that you have introduced them to each other before putting them all in.

You can encourage a friendship between them by putting them in separate cages while still seeing each other closer. 


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