One Or Two Cockatiels? 

Cockatiels are one of the best bird pets to have especially for novice bird owners.

This is because they are naturally affectionate and very lovable.

If you are looking for a pet bird, maybe getting a cockatiel will be able to give you the right training and happiness that a bird might give.

After all, cockatiels are just beautiful, small birds that focus deeply on companionship and love. 

But, you might have heard that keeping one cockatiel alone would not be good.

So, as a bird owner, do cockatiels need companions?

Cockatiels are companion birds, meaning they thrive and live well when they are with someone – whether a human owner or another cockatiel.

You can keep one at first, but remember that you have to spend lots of time with them, or else they will get bored and lonely.

This is the reason why keeping two cockatiels is better, but remember that giving them bonds would not always work, as compatibility between them is also important.

So, let’s get into more detail

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Is It Better To Have One Or Two Cockatiels? 

Keeping only one or two cockatiels solely depends on your capability and capacity as an owner.

If you decide to keep only one, make sure that you can give your bird a lot of time to prevent boredom.

Make sure that you’re also ready with the necessary things that you need to take care of them properly. 

Remember that having one cockatiel would mean you have to give your love, affection, and time to them.

Allot a few hours to play and interact with them everyday and  it would let you establish a strong bond between the two of you.

Cockatiels need a strong connection with someone to keep them happy and satisfied.

Keeping two cockatiels is also an option and perhaps a better one if you’re an owner who doesn’t have that much enough leisure time for your birds.

Once you keep two cockatiels, make sure that you provide them enough cage, space, and their other needs twice since you’re taking care of not just one bird, but two. 

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Is It Okay To Have Just One Cockatiel? 

It is definitely okay to keep only one cockatiel as long as you can spend time with them.

When your cockatiel feels bored, it can result in pretty aggressive behavior that you would not like.

It can result in being extra noisy, non-stop whistling, and screaming which is their way to keep themselves entertained. 

Your cockatiel can also die from loneliness if you really failed to give your time and affection.

When they are deprived of interaction from someone or another bird, it can potentially bring them a lot of stress and may result in worrying behavior, such as loss of appetite or being lethargic.

Ultimately, this can affect their overall well-being and can lead to sickness.  

So do cockatiels need a companion?

Let’s find out

Do Cockatiels Need a Companion? 

Cockatiels love companions, whether a human companion or another cockatiel. In general, they are kept in pairs and will happily live with their partner.

But take in consideration that not all birds and cockatiels can get along with each other.

You should still carefully introduce them and encourage a connection. 

But cockatiels are better with a partner.

Not only will it help you free up your time, it will also give them more happiness and satisfaction with their bird partner.

After all, these birds love to spend their time with their loved one and are extremely affectionate for one another.

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Can you keep two cockatiels together? 

Yes, you can absolutely and definitely keep two cockatiels together.

In fact, it is the best method to properly give them a happy life.

Oftentimes, owners keep two opposite sexes with the intention to give them a great mating life.

Also, a male and female cockatiels make the best partners. 

However, you can also keep two male cockatiels together as they also form one of the best companions.

Just make sure that you provide them twice as much as they need such as multiple perches, water bottles, and a larger cage to give them more space. 

Wrapping Up

Cockatiels can live without any bird companions, as long as you can give them a lot of time to play and interact with them.

They are extremely lovely birds and very affectionate, so having a bird or human they can consider a partner is highly recommended.

However, it still depends on your capacity as your owner. 

Just remember that cockatiels are great to keep in pairs, in particular a male and female cockatiels are the best options of pairing.

Remember that birds, especially cockatiels, do not only need the best meals, shelter, and other necessities.

Giving them friends and companions would also provide them the best life. 


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