Can Parrots Eat Kohlrabi? 

Parrots need plenty of different vegetables to eat every day as they ensure that your pet gets a rich variety of vitamins and minerals.

Parrots love eating all types of vegetables – both raw and cooked and this is important as they cannot get calcium (to keep their bones strong) from dairy products.

Luckily, you can get calcium from leafy green vegetables including mustard greens, kale, pak choy (bok choy) and broccoli as well as endive and kohlrabi.

So yes, parrots can eat kohlrabi

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Benefits Of Eating Kohlrabi For Parrots

Your parrot needs to be given plenty of healthy plants to eat every day and these can be either given to him raw or steamed.

For vitamin A choose leafy green vegetables like kale, spinach, Swiss Chard and watercress and for vitamin C,  kohlrabi, spinach, cabbage and watercress are all good sources.  

How To Feed Your Parrot Kohlrabi

Your parrot will enjoy eating both the green leaves and the white flesh of the kohlrabi.

The best way to feed these to your parrot is raw.

Wash them really thoroughly in several changes of water to ensure that there are no chemicals on either – pesticides stick really well to vegetable leaves.

Chop the leaves up and some of the flesh into small pieces.

If you want to cook the kohlrabi for your parrot, the best way is to gently steam both the leaves and flesh, but this must be done gently as some of the vitamins and minerals they contain can be lost.  

Can Parrots Eat Cabbage?

Vegetables should make up about one third of your parrot’s daily diet.

Most parrots enjoy eating all of the four main cabbage varieties, but as it is not the most nutritious vegetable, it is best to serve your parrot a small amount of cabbage with several other vegetables.

Make sure the cabbage for your parrot is really fresh and don’t cut it up until you are ready to feed your pet.

Wash the leaves really well to ensure they have no chemicals on them and then cut the leaves into small manageable pieces. 

If your parrot prefers cooked vegetables, lightly steam chop cabbage leaves for a few minutes.  

Can Parrots Eat Raw Cauliflower?

Cauliflower is a really excellent vegetable to include in your parrot’s diet.

Cauliflower can be fed to your parrot either raw or steamed and as well as the white florets of cauliflower, your parrot will enjoy the leaves too.

Cauliflower is very nutritious for parrots as it has high levels of vitamin B6, C and K and also contains plenty of fibre.  Cauliflower also contains magnesium, phosphorus and is rich in antioxidants.

Cauliflower can be fed to your parrot in place of his regular seed and pellets – which is useful to know in case you run out, but also it will serve as a nice break for your pet from his regular food.

What Other Vegetables Can I Feed My Parrot? 

    •  Asparagus
    •  Bamboo Shoots
    •  Bell peppers
    •  Broccoli
    •  Beets
    •  Brussel sprouts
    •  Butternut squash
    •  Cauliflower
    •  Carrots
    •  Carrot tops
    •  Cabbage
    •  Celery
    •  Chillies
    •  Corn
    •  Cucumber
    •  Dandelion leaves
    •  Endive
    •  Fava beans
    •  Fennel
    •  Green beans
    •  Lettuce
    •  Marrow
    •  Mushrooms
    •  Pak choy/ bok choy
    •  Parsnips
    •  Peas
    •  Radish
    •  Spinac
    •  Sweet Potatoes



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