Can Parrots Eat Soya Chunks?

Part of the fun of having a parrot is giving him a wide variety of foods that give him a varied and healthy diet to keep him in good health and also it can be amusing to see how he reacts to some foods.

Soya chunks are good to offer your parrot as a treat as they are full of protein.

So yes, you can give your parrot soya chunks

Let’s get into more detail in this article

We’ll look at the health benefits soya chunks has for your birdie too

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Are Soya Chunks Good For Parrots?

Cooked soya chunks are good to give to your parrot as they are nutritious, however, you should NEVER give your parrot raw soya beans as these are dangerous for him. 

It is important to just give your parrot cooked soya chunks as a treat occasionally.

The main food for your parrot is seed and pellets and he will need a rich variety of different vegetables every day.

He will also enjoy treats of different fruit but these must be just small treats every few days because sugar has a high sugar content. 

Health Benefits Of Soya Chunks For Parrots?

Soya is very nutritious so it makes a good treat to give your parrot.

Soya is rich in protein and manganese, a good source of vitamin K, folate, magnesium, phosphorus and copper and low in cholesterol and sodium.

Soya chunks also contain fibre.  

Having said that, soya chunks should be given to your parrot as an occasional treat because if you look at the percentages of each food type, soya chunks contain  30% carbs, 40% fats and 30% protein 

This means that the carbs and fat levels are high – especially if your parrot is not particularly active.

Even though soya chunks do contain protein and other nutrition, there are better foods to feed your parrot.

Can Parrots Eat Soya Beans?

Parrots can eat soya beans providing they have been cooked.

Parrots must NEVER be fed raw, dry soya beans as they cause toxicities when they are given raw to your parrot.

Raw soya beans contain hemagglutinin which is very toxic to birds and will make your parrot really ill.

Always thoroughly cook the beans before giving them to your parrot and never leave any dried, uncooked beans in accessible places.

Parrots also like properly cooked edamame beans

There are a number of other raw beans that should never be fed to your parrot

* Anasazi

* Edamame

* Black

* Fava

* Kidney

* Lima

* Navy

* Pinto

* Soya (soy)

When choosing beans to cook for your parrot always avoid  genetically modified, non-organic beans as they may contain potentially harmful substances. 

Rinse the beans in several bowls of fresh clean water before cooking a small portion thoroughly.

Feed your parrot with just a few beans and keep any remaining beans in a sealed plastic container in the fridge for up to two days.

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