Can Parrots Eat Currants?

Parrots love all types of fruit and it is good to give your bid a small amount of different types of fruit as a little treat every day as he will really appreciate it!

Seed and pellets are your parrots main source of nutrition but a variety of leafy green vegetables is really good to feed him every day and a little fruit, several times a week  

Vegetables and fruit will give your parrot valuable vitamins and minerals but go carefully on the amount of fruit you give him because fruit is high in sugar and this is not good for your parrot’s gut health. 

So if you are wondering can parrots eat currants then wonder no more!

They can eat currants and it’s safe to give it to your birdie

Parrots love all types of currants and a few currants several times a week make a really good treat for him.

The best type of currants to feed your parrot are organically grown ones, but having said that, you should still wash them in several bowls of clean water to ensure that there are no traces of any chemicals on them.

It is essential to do this carefully as chemicals can stick to the fruit skin and be resistant to water. 

If you grow your own currants, this is great, but it is best to cover the fruit with protective netting as it develops to help protect it. 

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How To Feed Currants To Your Parrot?

Give your parrot just a couple of well-washed currants every few days.

They can be popped on top of his seed bowl or dropped in your bird’s water so that he can enjoy trying to scoop them out of the water.

Keep an eye on whether  your parrot does eat the fruit as it can start to decompose quite quickly so will need to be removed from the cage after a few hours.

There is a chance that your parrot might not like the taste of currants because they can be quite tart

Can Parrots Eat Red Currants?

Parrots enjoy red, white and black currants but it is essential that they are only given a couple of currents every few days because of their sugar content.

Parrots love to have a variety of different fruit to sample but make sure that the fruit only makes up a maximum of 10% of his daily diet as otherwise he can develop digestive problems because of the sugar content.

Parrots enjoy a wide variety of fruit but the key to success is to ensure that each piece is really well washed.

You must also be careful not to feed your parrot any fruit with any pips or stones as these contain traces of cyanide so can make him very ill.

Apples for example, need to have the core plus pips removed whilst cherries need to have their pips removed and the flesh of apricots and plums needs to be carefully removed from the fruit stones and the stones quickly discarded. 

Other good fruit to feed your parrot in very small quantities include banana, citrus fruit, mango,papaya, passion fruit, pomegranate, raspberry and strawberry.

Always feed your  parrot with bite-sized pieces of fruit so there is no choke hazard. 

Does The Fruit Have To Be Fresh?

If you are feeding your parrot fresh fruit it really must be top quality to avoid any problems.

Fresh fruit can be prepared for home freezing and this is the perfect way to minimize waste.

The fruit will need to be thoroughly washed before you open freeze it on trays.

You can then defrost exactly how much you want to feed your parrot – but make sure it is thoroughly defrosted first.

Cranberries, currants, raspberries and grapes all freeze well 

Do not feed your parrot any kind of tinned or processed fruit as these really are full of sugar and whilst your parrot may enjoy them, it will be very bad for him to eat.

Preserved fruits often contain artificial additives and preservatives and can even contain vegetable oil, so they really are no good for your parrot. 

Can I Give Raisins To My Parrot?

It is perfectly okay to give your parrot a couple of raisins (dried black grapes) once a week or sultanas (dried green grapes) or dried currants.

In fact, raisins in particular contain iron,potassium, Vitamin B and antioxidants as well as fibre so a very small quantity is an ideal treat for your parrot. 

You really must give him just a couple because the dried fruit has a great concentration of sugar.

Dried fruit still contains the valuable vitamins and minerals for your parrot. 

Wash the dried fruit really well before you feed your parrot and leave it to soften in a small bowl of water for a few hours as your parrot will find this way the dried fruit is easier to eat. 


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