Can Parrots Eat Cheerios?

It can be useful to know if you can feed your parrot a cereal as a snack and the answer is that before you do, it is best to know whether the cereal is actually good for your parrot or whether it does your pet harm.

Parrots have a very different digestive system to the human digestive system.

Foods that are good for humans can be really toxic for parrots. 

Parrots can eat and do enjoy eating cereals but it is important that the cereals you feed them contain no sugar, artificial flavorings or colors. 

The healthiest cereals to feed parrots are muesli, oatmeal, and bran flakes.

Are Cheerios OK For Parrots? Can They Eat It?

Cheerios are far from an ideal food to give your parrot as Cheerios are designed for humans and are iron-enriched which is absolutely no good for parrots or other birds.

For sure, most parrots enjoy the taste of Cheerios, but it is best not to even tempt your parrot with some because they not only contain extra iron, they contain far too much sugar as well so are definitely not going to do him any good.

So it would be a good idea to NOT give your parrot cheerios

If your parrot insists on eating with you then eat the cereal in another room

I know it is difficult to say no to your little birdie!

Can Parrots Eat Honey Nut Cheerios?

You should definitely not feed your parrot Honey Nut Cheerios.

Parrots are allergic to honey and so these cheerios could make him ill and they too contain a high level of sugar.

Your parrot should not be given Honey Nut Cheerios and nor should he be fed other cereals such as Lucky Charms and Fruit Loops unless you have thoroughly checked their sugar content. 

It is important to note that you should not feed your parrot sugar-free cereals either as they contain an ingredient called xylitol, which is toxic to parrots and all other birds.

Xylitol is found in many products as it is a sugar substitute.

If you really feel that you must feed your parrot a few cheerios occasionally, the best type to choose from the ten different varieties of Cheerios is the original Cheerios as both of these cereals contain a smaller amount of sugar.

A few original cornflakes (not sugar coated) given to your parrot occasionally are also okay 

But overall it’s best to avoid it completely

Can Parrots Eat Cornflakes?

Cornflakes are not an ideal food for parrots but as they contain a smaller amount of sugar, you can give your parrot a few cornflakes very occasionally. 

Are Cereals Actually Good For Parrots To Eat?

Corn, wheat and oats can be good to feed your parrot – but not from a packet of cereals.

It is best to choose whole grains that have been lightly dried or roasted.

They should be fed to your parrot as a treat and part of a varied diet to ensure he gets as much nutrition as possible.

These cereals do contain the following nutrients

  •  Protein
  •  Vitamins
  •  Omega-3 healthy fats
  •  Minerals
  •  Fibre
  •  Phytochemicals

Why Are Cereals Bad For Parrots?

Breakfast cereals are highly processed foods that contain plenty of sugar and artificial additives to make them taste good to humans and they are not safe for parrots to eat.

If you regularly feed your parrot breakfast cereals he will over time develop some serious health problems and these include obesity, diabetes plus weakened bones, heart problems and even organ failure.

With so many really nutritious vegetables and fruits for your parrot to enjoy it is foolish to feed him cereals when you know that they will not do him any good and will impact his health

Is There a Type Of Cereal Birds Can Eat?

Cereals that are eaten hot are usually pure grains including oatmeal, mixed grains, millet and wheat berry.

They are free from any artificial additives and contain no corn syrup or artificial coloring.

Simply mix a small amount of cereal with boiling water and mix well and let it cool down before feeding your parrot he will find it lovely and warming on a cold day. 

If you want to feed your parrot cold cereal, old-fashioned rolled oats is the healthiest choice. 

The most important word to always remember is ‘moderation’.

Cereals should only be given to your parrot in a small quantity and occasionally as a treat.

The basis of a good parrot diet is seed and pellets and your parrot should be fed a good variety of vegetables every day.

Your parrot will also enjoy eating a variety of fruit, but this again should be given as a treat in small quantities every few days as fruit also contains sugar and too much sugar for your parrot will cause him health problems. 

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