Bird Adoption Colorado Springs

If you’re looking for a bird adoption center in Colorado Springs, you’ve landed on the right article! 

We have listed some of the accredited birds’ adoption organizations where you can adopt your favorite bird.

These organizations are very strict about their birds because they will allow their birds to be adopted by you only if you qualify and meet their standards of the best-committed bird adopters.

So without further ado, let’s get straight into it!

Colorado Parrot Rescue, Inc.

Colorado Parrot Rescue, Inc. is a small non-profit organization for the welfare of parrots that depends on public donations.

Its motive is to provide shelter and rescue to the lost or abandoned parrots who cannot adapt well to their natural life in a human home.

It ensures that their birds enjoy the environment and food closest to their natural habitat style.

This organization strives to protect the parrots and provide them with proper medical care (if needed) until they are rehomed to their best human companions.

If you are willing to adopt a parrot, Colorado Parrot Rescue, Inc is a legitimate option because they have not fixed any specific donation amount.

View the contact details below to schedule an appointment.


Name: Colorado Parrot Rescue, Inc.

Phone: 303-973-7655

Location: 6437 S Pierce Ct Littleton, CO, 80123-3604 United States



The Gabriel Foundation 

The Gabriel Foundation is an avicultural sanctuary licensed by the State of Colorado which operates by scheduled appointments only.

They have a well-structured and established screening system for the adoption process of their birds.

You get free lifetime consultation services to maintain the bird’s behavioral health better.

Their services include boarding, grooming, behavioral consultations, and educational/awareness classes (first-time adopters).

Different species of birds have been provided with separate spacious rooms with separate outdoor flight areas, equipped with swings, chewing toys, fallen trees, according to the nature of the parrots.

See the contact details to schedule an appointment.


Name: The Gabriel Foundation

Phone: (303) 629-5900

Location: 39520 Co Rd 13 Elizabeth, CO 80107



Pikes Peak Parrot Rescue

Pikes Peak Parrot Rescue is serving the mission to rescue, shelter, and rehome the surrendered or abandoned parrots to help them find their permanent future human homes.

Pikes Peak is very conscious about its birds and ensures that the parrots get the best caretakers committed to providing the proper attention and love they require.

To complete the adoption process, you need to complete the annual membership application and a non-refundable fee of $25.

After you’ve paid this fee, you and your family will be allowed to visit the birds and choose the one that you’re looking for.

The process will follow the standards of care courses & home inspections to finalize the adoption process.

View the contact details below to schedule an appointment.


Name: Pikes Peak Parrot Rescue

Phone: +1 719-203-6955

Location: 2031 E Bijou St, Colorado Springs, CO 80909, United States

Contact: (Call only)




Petfinder is a daily updated online searchable database that will help you find adoptable pets/birds around your location.

They facilitate pet lovers to find the healthiest adoptable pet/birds, ensure a highly effective adoption program and educate the public to uplift the status of pet birds to a family member.

Petfinder also provides you with comprehensive knowledge sources in the form of a free library of pet-care articles and discussion forums to educate the adopters about their pet birds at home after adoption.

You only need to fill in your location details and the pet you want to adopt, and you will find the best options nearest to your location. 

You can visit the website to know more about Petfinder and how it works.


Name: Petfinder

Phone: (See listing details)



All of the above-mentioned accredited organizations are worth visiting, and you will definitely find the best bird adoption center near your location in Colorado Springs.

All you have to follow the screening processes they have established to increase the effectiveness of the adoption process and qualify as a committed and compassionate bird adopter.

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