Why Do Crows Follow Me? 

Do you see some crows following you?

Being followed by these black birds might be scary, especially if they start cawing at you.

You will start to think of numerous possible reasons as to why they follow you and monitor you every single day. 

There are many possible reasons why crows seem to monitor your movements and always follow you.

Sometimes they would even perch at the nearest tree or post everyday at the same time.

It can be scary, but if you know that you’ve done nothing bad, you don’t need to worry.

Crows follow humans either because they hold grudges or they want to be friendly, especially if they know that you are a good person and give food.

After all, these birds are highly intelligent enough to remember faces. 

Do Crows Follow Humans? (In Detail)  

Crows may follow humans for a reason.

You’re probably feeding off some animals in your yard or outside your home, which could be the reason why crows are attracted to you.

This is because they know that you’re giving food and a good person.

If crows deemed and realized that you bring no harm, they may start following you in an attempt to befriend you. 

If you think you’re frequently seen by these birds doing good deeds, try to maintain a friendship with them by also giving them food.

Crows are very smart birds and they would remember every little thing you do, including your face and voice. 

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However, this is also the reason why you should be careful around them.

Since crows watch people and remember them clearly, they are also capable of holding grudges when you bring them harm.

If you harm a crow, sooner or later you’ll probably be their next target and may annoyingly follow you and attack you.

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Are Crows Dangerous To Humans? 

Crows may and may not be dangerous to humans.

This is because they can either follow you for a good reason or a bad reason.

They might be dangerous, only if they feel threatened by human action. 

For instance, there are reported cases of crow attacks because humans try to hurt them or wander around their nesting territory.

It is most likely that crows felt threatened and saw you as a predator of their babies.

They can really be quite aggressive, so you must never hurt any one of them or scare them or go anywhere near their nesting areas! 

On the other hand, crows may not also be dangerous.

If you decide to become friendly and not give them any bad treatment, they can be one of your great protectors of territories against other predators. 

Why Is a Crow Attacking Me? 

A crow may attack you for only a bad reason: you caused them harm or threatened their nest.

Crows attack people whenever they have to be protective of their babies, themselves, or other crow members. 

Since they are smart, crows know when to flee, fight, or watch people.

They are also capable of remembering someone’s voice and face.

These intelligent birds also know how to determine if someone is a bad person or a valued person.

They usually drive and jab people away from their place as their defense mechanism.

Remember that crows are extremely intelligent birds and they have few sorts of tricks under their wings to hurt you.

If crows start attacking you, you might be wandering near their territory or they remembered your face as someone who once harmed them. 

Crows are extremely territorial in nature too.

They will attack people first when they approach their territory, so you must really be careful when you pass by their area. 

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How To Stop a Crow Attack? 

Most people find it humorous whenever they see someone being attacked by crows.

Though it might seem hilarious at a first glance, a crow attack can be quite annoying and serious.

After all, crows attack silently and may cause a head wound.

They also start cawing very aggressively to call their members. 

If you have found yourself being under attack, do not retaliate.

Fighting them back would signal them that you are indeed a threat, therefore attacking you more aggressively.

Remain calm and try to assess the situation as you might just be within their territory. 

Flee and hurriedly leave the place by walking away.

This might stop the attack, especially if they are only jabbing you because you’re near their nest.

Try to also bring them snacks like peanuts to distract them.

It can buy you time or sometimes would permanently stop the attack, especially if they only want food.

However, do not violently throw the food since they might think that it’s a weapon.

Calmly throw the food away from you and continue to remain calm.

Leave the place immediately and remember the place, so you can avoid them next time. 

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Wrapping Up

Crows are highly intelligent birds and are capable of remembering faces.

If you’ve noticed that a crow is following you, they either want to befriend you or they want to take revenge. 

Crows are naturally not dangerous, unless you give them reason to be.

Make sure not to cause any harm or threat to them, so they would leave you alone.

If you’re under a crow attack, try to be calm and never fight back.

Fighting them would only make the situation worse. 

Crows are just like any other birds.

They would only harm a person if they were harmed first.

Be a good person in their eyes, and you will never taste their cruelty and aggression. 


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