African Grey For Sale, Los Angeles

Faithful and fanatic fans have loved Joyful African grey parrots for decades.

Five amazing facts make the African grey parrots amazing companions for life. 

      • They have an extremely long lifespan of an average of 60 years.
      • African grey parrots are considered the most intelligent among the parrot family.
      • They can continuously fly up to 10km a day.
      • Being acutely loyal, they mate only one companion at a time.
      • They are highly social and live in communities in large family groups.

Their outstanding ability to mimic sounds and master speech is absolutely startling.

If you are living in Los Angeles and ready to adopt this lovely feathered friend, this selection of amazing birds stores will work to reach the destination of your dream african grey parrot.

African Grey For Sale, Los Angeles

Parrots Naturally

If you live in Los Angeles and want to raise a parrot as your pet bird, Parrots Naturally is an amazing go-to spot for you.

Parrots Naturally are located in Ventura Blvd, Los Angeles.

They have an incredible selection of parrots, from the smallest to the largest Macaws.

You can buy two different species of African Grey Parrots in this store, Timneh African Grays and Congo African Greys.

You will come across some handy tips about parrots healthy nurturing. Birds’ food, toys, perches, cages, and other accessories are available here.

They have a dedicated blog on birds where vital information about parrots is in detail for research.

Most importantly, nutrition details have been provided to understand better what species of parrots like which food or you can check out my resource page 

Make sure to check out my ultimate in-depth guide on what parrots can eat. I created this guide to make it easier for you to find out what parrots can eat without the need for you to browse other websites. It makes things super easy for you to have all the information on one page. Check it out now>> What Do Parrots Eat (Ultimate In-Depth Guide)

See the contact details below to know more about Parrots Naturally. 


Name: Parrots Naturally

Location: 22140 Ventura Blvd, Woodland Hills, CA 91364, United States

Phone: +1 818-708-7277



Feathers N Friends

Feathers N Friends is another amazing destination for parrot lovers in Los Angeles.

They offer lovely small to medium-sized parrots species, including the adorable African Grey parrots.

They are a complete bird supplies store where you will find a wonderful playpen for your parrot.

Healthy food mixes and tasty treats are also available at your convenience.

They sell all birds’ essentials to keep your parrot healthy and joyful.

Feathers N Friends keep changing and updating the species of their birds, so it’s better keep an eye on their regularly updated website or call them to know more about what they have in stock for you.

These contact details below will be helpful to you


Name: Feathers N Friends

Location: 2516 S Central Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90011, United States

Phone: +1 323-671-0478

Contact: (Call only)


African Grey Parrot Farm

African Grey Parrot Farm has been selling African Grey parrots for more than ten years.

They are a trusted name in parrot breeders and have an incredible selection of the healthiest African grey parrots.

Their parrots are individually cared for and loved.

They are well-tamed and socialized and will get along with you easily.

Their parrots are harness trained, and you can easily take them with you for a walk!

Visit their parrots’ gallery to choose your lovely feathered friend for life.

They will provide you 30 days health guarantee for their parrots and then guide you completely about how to take good care of your bird’s health.

You can get a replacement or a full refund if your vet declares any injury or illness in the bird within 30 days of purchase.

Complete shipping procedures and policies have been explained on their website.

You can contact the African Grey Parrot Farm by filling in the form on their website.


Name: African Grey Parrot Farm



The Perfect Parrot

The Perfect Parrot specializes in parrots, and you can find an African Grey parrot in their store.

They have a beautiful selection of parrots, food supplies, toys, perches, cages, and everything you need to raise a healthy parrot as your family member.

The Perfect Parrot store is located within a 19 min driving distance.

They have a compassionate staff who will assist you in choosing your favorite African Grey parrot.

They also offer boarding and grooming services for parrots.

You can buy beautiful cages and toys conveniently at The Perfect Parrot store. 

Check out their contact details for further information.

They are more active and updated on Facebook and Instagram.

So keep an eye to stay updated with their collections and new arrivals regarding bird supplies.


Name: The Perfect Parrot

Location: 10646 Riverside Dr, North Hollywood, CA 91602, United States

Phone: +1 818-506-5456



Anika’s African Grey Parrots / Anika’s Grey Farm

Anika’s Grey Farm is a dedicated and specialized farm for high-quality African grey parrots breed.

Their parrots are hand-fed individually.

These Grey parrots are incredibly loving, fully weaned, and well-socialized to comfortably adjust to any home environment. 

Anika’s Grey Farm does not sell birds supplies, but you can have a fantastic cute African Grey parrot from here.

Before visiting the store, an appointment is required, and they strictly observe SOPs due to Covid-19.

In-store shopping & curbside pickup services are available.

Check out their contact details to know more.


Name: Anika’s Grey Farm

Location: 706 Twin Peaks Ave, Simi Valley, CA 93065, United States

Phone: +1 812-635-6446

Contact: (Call only)


Recycler is an online portal dedicated to African Grey parrots sale and purchase.

Individuals, aviaries, or small bird stores list their African Grey parrots on this portal, and you can directly contact the seller.

You will find countless adults or baby grey parrots here.

Sellers place their ad, and you can directly contact the seller to get your lovely African Grey Parrot.

View the contact details to see the countless ads and new listings of African Grey parrots on Recycler. 

View their contact details to see the latest listings within your budget.


Name: Recycler

Phone: (View listing details)



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