Budgie Rubbing Bum 

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You might find it weird sometimes to see your budgie rubbing its bum.

You don’t need to worry as this is actually a normal sexual behavior among birds.

Parakeets shaking its entire butt would only signify an interest in mating.

Your budgies, particularly males, will rub their bum against objects such as their toys, perches, and sometimes on you, expressing their need to breed.

Their hormonal desires will subside in no time or unless they would find another bird or budgie to mate with. 

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Why Is My Bird Itching His Bum? 

Your male parakeet will itch his bum when the mating season comes.

Their hormonal level is particularly high, getting ready for the breeding season.

When you see your budgie rub his bum against objects, it is likely that they are expressing their need to mate. 

While this may be a normal behavior, it is best to also discourage your parakeets whenever they do this.

Not doing something about their hormonal behavior can eventually lead to a more destructive or serious concern.

It can lead to all sorts of unwanted actions that can be pretty annoying and disturbing, such as aggression.

You also need to make sure that your budgie’s bum is clean.

In case that you find something near his vent, it might also be a sign of an infection rather than a normal mating action. 

How To Stop Your Budgie From Rubbing His Bum? 

It is best to ignore or even discourage your budgie’s sexual behavior.

Here are some ways you can do to stop your budgie from rubbing his vent:

1. Place your budgie back in his cage

Whenever you see your budgie rubbing his bum, place him back in his cage.

This would let you be able to control and monitor their movements better.

If your bird frequently rubs his bum against you, it is possible that he sees you as a mate.

Putting him in his cage would let your bird calm down and understand that it is not good behavior. 

2. Distract your bird

One of the best ways to discourage the behavior of your budgie is to distract them.

Simply make clicking noises or give them healthy treats.

This would allow your bird to be distracted and put its focus on other things. 

3. Play with toys 

Give your budgies some safe toys that they can use to have an interactive play.

Redirect your bird’s attention to their toys and it can eventually stop rubbing his bum over time.

4. Avoid touching your budgie’s sensitive zones

Your budgie will express its desire to mate with you when you keep touching or stroking their sensitive zones.

When you want to pet your bird, make sure that your hand will only touch their head.

Don’t touch their back near their bum or wings as they might interpret it as mating indication.

What Is Vent Rubbing In Birds? 

Believe it or not, vent rubbing in birds is something similar to masturbation.

Male birds will usually rub their vent against their toys, perches, other objects, and sometimes against you.

Male birds who are in peak of the mating season can be quite aggressive, so you should try to calmly discipline them. 

Do not try to overstimulate them by touching their sensitive areas, especially their backs near their vent.

It can be pretty frustrating to your budgie leading to unwanted behavior, such as screaming, biting, plucking, and others. 

Do not punish or harshly discipline your bird when they are doing vent rubbing as this is just a normal instinct of birds.

What you need to do is to distract and discourage them instead.

In cases that vent rubbing became a daily concern, seek an avian veterinarian’s opinion. 

Why Does My Budgie Shake His Butt? 

Your budgie shakes his butt as a sign that they want to mate.

Budgies whose age is less than 6 months old would be too young to mate, so they will likely stop wiggling their butt over time.

However, if you have a mature  budgie, they will not stop until they find someone to spend their mating phase with. 

This is a normal behavior among birds.

Don’t interfere with them when you intend to breed your parakeets.

However, if they shake his butt against an object or you, they can turn to be sexually frustrated birds and an intervention is highly recommended. 

Sometimes your parakeet will shake or wiggle his butt because they are bored.

You can play with them, distract them, or give them entertainment, so they would stop doing it.

Budgies that shake their butt because of boredom would eventually stop as well, so no immediate notice and action is required. 

Wrapping Up

Budgies may rub their bum to signify that they are interested in mating.

This is a normal behavior, but can also be a cause for their stress and frustration.

If you don’t have any intention to give your budgie a mate, discourage their hormonal behavior by distracting them or redirecting their attention.

You can stop your parakeet from wiggling its butt by placing them back into their cage too.

It would help them calm down and know that it’s a bad behavior.

Avoid touching your budgie’s sensitive areas to not stimulate them. In case your budgie shows aggression, you can seek an avian veterinarian’s help. 

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